Foster an Orphan Elephant

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I’m not that loaded, but they can come stay at my apartment if they’d like. :elephant:


If you’re ever in Nairobi, you can visit the sanctuary most mornings.

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A serious post, I know but I couldn’t help but be reminded of:

Godamn it, I have not feelings for poachers of any kind. Wanton killing of elephants, rhinos, lions, any living creature. The trump admin is now allowing bears and wolves to be shot in their dens. I wish trump was shot in his den when he was a child.

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This is a reason why elephants - and many other animals - should have more legal rights. It is wrong to hurt an elephant. Anyone who would kill an elephant is a despicable person with whom I do not want to share a world.

I too don’t mind feeding them, I just can’t swing the college costs.


And the clothes! They grow so fast!


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