FOUND: new musical based on the 'zine


Cool, I grew up with the guy who composed the score (Eli Bolin, who also does a lot of work with Sesame Street and other NY-based stuff). I hope this one gets a west coast tour.

This is at least the third time I’ve had the work of friends or family members show up on BB. I guess I should probably get off my butt and do something noteworthy myself sometime.

If you dig around on the This American Life archives, you can find Rothbart’s story about meeting Misterrogers at his vacation home and talking with him about being a good neighbor.

Thank you – must search now!

Neighbors | This American Life

Davy Rothbart

When we were kids, my brother Mike wrote a letter to Mr. Rogers. My brother was six, I was three.

On a recent show, a deaf woman had paid Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood a visit and my brother wanted to tell Mr. Rogers about our mom because she’s deaf too.

A few weeks later an envelope addressed to Mike appeared in our mailbox. It was a letter from Fred Rogers. My whole family was pretty excited. Mike wrote to Mr. Rogers again, and they began a little correspondence. The next summer my family was headed to Massachusetts for a week’s vacation and Mr. Rogers invited all of us to chill with him for a day at his summer home on Nantucket Island.

The premise reminds me of Veda Hille’s ‘Craigslist Cantata’:

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