Found planetscapes: macro photos of dried up single-malt whiskey


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These photographs display an eerie beauty, a technical felicity, and an excellent taste in subject matter.

These really are astonishingly beautiful. It always amazes me how nature, well captured by a talented artist, trumps the biggest budget cgi every single time.

It’s amazing photography no doubt, but am I the only one who wants a chemical analysis of what the residues are made of (of course comparing different distilleries)?

Whatever the whiskey and glass are made of? Sounds like a good enough reason to go get more whiskey.

Would a summary of the fluid dynamics do instead?

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Also fascinating, but I was thinking something more along the lines of an analysis of the residue that would show the differing chemical compositions of whiskies from different distilleries (thus granting perhaps a insight into the differing and unique tastes etc…).

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