Four dead in garlic festival mass shooting

And our unique problem is not enough regulation of gun ownership. And way too much gun violence. Let’s get some American Laws to change that. Inspired by others that already work - but they’ll be our very own!!!


Do we have to do this every single time? Is there no way we can take the endless drain circling of talking about gun regulation and move it to a different thread instead of having it in a thread talking about the deaths of 4 of our fellow human beings?


Do we still have a Firearms thread? Maybe focus all the conversation about this specific mass shooting to this specific thread, offload the gun wanking to the Gun Wanking Firearms thread, and then rinse and repeat when the next mass shooting happens tomorrow?


If we don’t it’s easy enough to make one… I’m just… sick of having to read this in the thread about dead people. It’s demoralizing.


But… but… when else will we read about how neo Nazis and wife beaters should be allowed to have automatic weapons?

Oh, right. Every other fucking time this happens, which is literally at least once per day.




The only thing that stops a Bad Guy with a comment is a Good Guy with a comment.

Wait, no, sorry, that never fucking works .


There is much that you said that I disagree strongly with, but the quote above is just downright offensive, and is especially revealing of your attitude towards homicide victims.

As I’m sure you know, many people don’t have the option of “staying out of certain neighborhoods.” Your “etc.” undoubtedly covers a lot of ground, but statistics suggest it must include a lot of great advice such as “don’t have abusive or violent family members.”

I’ve got more to say to you but I’m going to stop now before I end up violating th BBS code of conduct.


How about we talk about the lives snuffed out instead?


There’s a term for putting the burden of a wound one sustains in a shooting perpetrated by another on the wounded person himself. I believe that when a comment engages in the behaviour you pointed out it is a flaggable violation of the BBS code of conduct.


One would think posting the obligatory cartoons, “no way to stop this” links, and lists of predictable gun-nut responses at the beginning of American mass-shooting topics would be enough to dissuade the ammosexuals from publicly and disingenuously pissing their pants about their gun collections being taken away, but it just delays them.

So yes, maybe a dedicated gun-control topic we can refer them to at the top of each mass shooting topic would work.


We had one. Is it still there… I get that it’s a hot button topic, but I just wish that these threads would respect the dead a little more and not devolve into this.


A safe storage law really should make an impact (I’ve made this point before, and cited the articles). A 5 minute delay from onset of suicidal impulse reduces follow-through by 30%, a 10 minute delay reduces follow-through by 60%, and a 15 minute delay reduces follow-through by 85%. Let’s say it takes 5 minutes to get a firearm out of the safe and load it. That would make an immediate 30% impact on suicide by firearm. At ~15k deaths a year, a 30% decrease is ~4,500 fewer suicides per year.


Can we stop doing this, please? I get that it’s a hot button issue, but it’s also a derail.

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I respectfully disagree. The discussion of what to do about these events can’t really happen without a discussion on what to do about the tools be used to engage in these mass murders.

Focusing on those directly affected by this tragedy is important, relevant, and necessary. But so is a discussion on how to avoid these tragedies in the future, and the one commonality in most of these acts is the presence of firearms, most of which seem to have been acquired legally.

If the Authors are going to post about these events, then talking about all aspects of them is appropriate, even if depressingly little is changing (at any level) to prevent them. :frowning:


A rare moment where I disagree with you then. Maybe it’s because all we really get when it devolves into a discussion on gun rights/regulation is talking past each other. I personally find it frustrating and demoralizing, maybe because it reveals that there is so little common ground, and very little political will for actually protecting the public from getting shot at random?


Agreed - now if we can only figure out how to fix that on a national scale. :confused:


Hence my demoralization! :wink:


Maybe because you seem to be implying that gun owners’ right to not be inconvenienced outweighs those children’s right to not be murdered.