How to clean your gun


He’s going to need more propane. Enough for about 300 million more.


While I agree with the sentiment I am politically active and have a bunch of targets on my back in Trumpistan for ethnic, religious, and a number of other reasons. The people who want me, my wife, our families, our friends, and our colleagues dead because of what we are are violent and heavily armed. As long as that’s the case I am not going to unilaterally disarm. If they have weapons and you don’t it isn’t a war. It’s a pogrom. If God wants me to be a martyr I’ll go along, but I won’t do anything to make it easier.
(No children in the home. Weapons are secured. So on. So forth.)


Much obliged for the post which, to my mind, is wisely and well put.

‘Studying war no more’ is quite a privilege, and one sparsely and unfairly distributed.


If one school cost $42M, imagine how much money we could save by just buying everyone’s guns back and dumping them into a pit at the bottom of the ocean.

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They turned a school into a Call of Duty map!?!

“We turned your school into a series of kill-boxes. Now an active shooter can spot the best ways to easily access and flush-out victims.”


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