Four drawings sum up Game Of Thrones premiere




Jon Snow really missed an opportunity with the red-haired, firey demon chick. If I were Jon Snow, and I’m pretty sure I am, I would have been all over thar. One word… “bucket list” ––––ok, that’s two, but whatever. Who are you to judge me?


I’m not so sure how Stannis would react to Jon accepting Melisandre’s “services.” Given his rather serious (read: stick up the ass) nature, though, I don’t think he’d look kindly upon that – just ask Renly what he does to people who take what he thinks is his.


Give how some of Melisandre’s other love interests have been treated, I would definitely take a pass on that pass.

Leeches, anyone?


Yeah, Jon Snow dodged a bullet an arrow there.


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