Four drawings sum up Game Of Thrones premiere


Jon Snow really missed an opportunity with the red-haired, firey demon chick. If I were Jon Snow, and I’m pretty sure I am, I would have been all over thar. One word… “bucket list” ––––ok, that’s two, but whatever. Who are you to judge me?

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I’m not so sure how Stannis would react to Jon accepting Melisandre’s “services.” Given his rather serious (read: stick up the ass) nature, though, I don’t think he’d look kindly upon that – just ask Renly what he does to people who take what he thinks is his.

Give how some of Melisandre’s other love interests have been treated, I would definitely take a pass on that pass.

Leeches, anyone?

Yeah, Jon Snow dodged a bullet an arrow there.

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