Game Of Thrones s05e01 recap: "The Wars To Come"


Stannis the Mannis, the One True King of Westeros is boring? How dare you!

more seriously:
Stannis is the only claimant to the throne who understands that the real fight is between humanity and the White Walkers, between life and death. Melisandremay be creepy as hell, but she’s right about this. In fact, so far she’s been right about everything. Stannis has seen the forthcoming conflict in her flames and is shooting for the throne so he can actually do something about it.


I’m sure I wasn’t the only one thinking “did they recast Grey Worm? Yes? No? Maybe? I liked that guy! Ah, ok”.


Exactly the same happened to me!


it seemed like more things in this episode were different from the books than the same, it’s going to be an interesting season. maybe their way of getting around the fact that he’s not going to release the next book any time soon is to completely depart from his universe? more likely theyre just going to drop a bunch of characters and retask others from different lands to take over their roles, looks like Sansa and Baelish may be heading North?

I found myself mostly waiting until my HEMA instructor showed up. He claims to have a speaking part with Tyrion and Varis, but not yet this episode, apparently. (No word on whether it’s also a sword fighting part, but I can’t believe they’d hire a sword instructor and not have him do something.)

Stannis is right about the White Walkers, sure, but so are any number of other people, including just about any member of the Night’s Watch who isn’t either preoccupied with jockeying for power or the wildlings (whom they never seem to have been able to keep north of the Wall, anyway). And Stannis the Mannis is wrong about just about everything else, including the belief that all he needs to justify his governance of the Seven Kingdoms is the mere fact that he’s Robert’s brother. He’s definitely wrong about Melisandre, who is as much a shadowbinder as she is a priestess of R’hllor (and maybe more); it’s worth revisiting the scene in which she confronts Thoros, who is a straight-up red priest and works very differently than she does. If she ever has to make a choice between the Light and the shadows, it’s very likely that she’ll go with the latter, which could lead to tragedy if she feels the need to make a blood sacrifice (which Thoros never seems to need to do) and the only royal blood available, aside from Stannis himself, is his daughter Shireen.

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