Fox admitted to Daily Beast that Roger Ailes is getting canned, then retracted

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Fact, it really drives the TEAGOP crazy.


It does, and yet part of the appeal of Trump the Tea Partiers was that he was telling Fox News what to do not the other way around.

Granted, replacing Rupert Murdoch with Donald Trump is not a trade up in integrity, but at the same time there is a bit of schadenfreude to see Fox News having to scramble to the whims of someone outside their control they have to placate for ratings.


New conspiracy theory: Fox desperately needs a story, any story, that will keep people from pondering the current GOP convention, so they just decided they’ll make a story.


Yes, regardless of the pile of shit, it still all [trump/murdoch/fuxnews] stinks.


Roger That!

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No, if that was true it wouldn’t be a story about Ailes. It would be a story about Hillary Clinton working hand-in-hand with ISIS.

Oh, wait.

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Motherfucker’s gonna get a diamond encrusted platinum parachute. That’s how they reward the guilty at Fox.


May he henceforth be known as:. Pigailes

Wow, I can’t imagine getting canned and retracted – that’s some shit, there.

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