Fox sycophants apologize to Trump for sharing his abysmal polling numbers

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I keep hearing about how Rupert Murdoch has turned on Trump, yet his sycophants still have jobs at Faux…


The bad son in charge wants to keep it status quo.


Yeah, the elder Murdoch probably still has more direct control of the newspaper business. Also, allowing negative opinions of [expletive deleted] isn’t quite the same as a directive to do so. It just means no one is going to lose a job over it. Probably not even at Fox. Likely the Friendly Friends just don’t want Douchellini calling them up and blurbling at them for an hour.


Love that!


Kilmeade thinks that Haley’s Comet comes by every 7 years. He’s reported, I’ve decided he’s a moron.


He probably meant Frehley’s Comet!

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Fox is clearly trying to position themselves as “we still love you Donnie, but JUST in case someone else wins the nomination…”


Yeah, I wonder if they are also trying to ease their viewers into the idea of someone new as much as they are coddling the ego of the last guy. They did not have to cover this poll, but chose to.


I wonder how much is a conflict between high-level strategy/marching orders and the sympathies by the individual Fox-droids, and how much is that the transition from Trump to DeSantis necessarily involves not alienating Trump voters, so they have to pretend that’s not what’s happening.* Because it really does seem like, overall, Fox is done with Trump, seeing him as a loser compared with DeSantis, who they see as a smarter version of Trump.

*DeSantis himself is releasing truly bizarre videos that are all about how much he loves Trump, even as he seeks to dethrone him. You’d think they were weird comedy if you didn’t know better.


It appears Murrdoch is distancing itself from Trump. Probably to latch on to DeSantis. They had a bit not too long ago where a bunch of people were like, “Yeah, I’d vote for DeSantis.” It is clear they are making push in that direction.

At the same time, they aren’t condemning Trump and if he somehow still became the nominee, then they would glom back on to him. :confused:

Because right now you show loyalty to the cult by praising the cult leader, even if you are looking to dethrone him. It is sick some of the ads I have seen for MO especially about how “Trump” is the main part of their “platform”.


Sure - they want the Trump voters. It’s just weird when you have videos where politicians are saying, “Trump is the best! Which is why you should vote for me, not Trump!” Like if Pepsi released a commercial talking about how great Coke is. Of course, they’re basically trying to position themselves as Trump 2.0 - “If you loved Trump, you’ll really love new, improved Trump!” But it seems like they’re counting on Trump bowing out and not being in competition, which seems unlikely given his ego won’t allow it.


Yes. Lachlan is also responsible for keeping Swanson on the air despite his regularly losing advertisers.

This trio of arse-lickers are just an insurance policy in case Biff runs again.


Murdoch is hyper aware of his audience and won’t do anything to turn them off as that would hurt the bottom line from crappy pillow and catheter sales, so he will only publicly dump Trump when there is already an obvious groundswell for an alternative candidate.


he looks like he’s imagining he’ll be up against the wall in the next coup

Except he explicitly did so on the NYPost and WSJ.


What a bunch of hacks

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