Fox pumps and dumps Ron DeSantis in amusing "Then and Now" video

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Isn’t this a mirror image to how they treated Trump in 2016? First he was a joke, then he started winning primaries, then they were all-in on how great he was.


very true – fox is a classic bandwagon jumper. get on after the party starts, jump off after the it’s no longer cool to ride. If DeSantis rallies, they will be back.


After jumping on the bandwagon, if their candidate then wins, the message then goes out that it was Fox who made it happen.

In the UK, it’s Fox’s Augean Stablemate ‘The Sun’ that claims it can make and break governments. In 1992, after the Tories won again, they ran a screaming illiterate headline ‘IT’S THE SUN WOT WON IT!’

In actuality, Murdoch just follows the herd; liberally corrupting politicians as he goes to ensure they don’t endanger his precious interests by doing anything so foolish as to introduce media regulations, enforce competition laws or you know - ban him from running a media organisation.


It’d be a better video if it were about one talking head being hypocritical, rather than chiding the network for not speaking with one voice. (Which they shouldn’t be doing!)

I’m glad to see the Southern Strategy* backfiring so resoundingly on the Grand Fascist Party. Who knew that the racists, xenophobes, anti-science, homophobes, ammosexuals, and members of the Christian Shite tribe were so odious and offensive that the olde-timey conservative crowd of “I’m too greedy to pay taxes” would need to distance themselves from those horrible people? It’s almost as if civilized people simply can’t stand being seen with Nazis anymore.

That says a huge amount to the Pride movement, the Black Lives Matter movement, and all the other social movements that have made simply being human an acceptable thing to people who never thought of them that way before.

And it’s especially funny to watch Fox trying to walk this line, trying to continue to push hatred and stupidity on people who are fed up with their fascism. “Oops, we didn’t not go too far enough!” I wish for them exactly all the success they have so thoroughly earned, and that their days in court outnumber their remaining days on the planet.

* No offense intended to any mutants living in the southern states – I didn’t pick the name of their strategy to use racism and hatred to get voters.



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… they all say what they’re told to say

It’s not a coincidence that Fox is what it is


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