Rupurt Murdoch's less-than-Trump-loving son to inheret fox news?

Any thoughts on this? Am i being too hopeful that Fox might start turning on Trump when this guy takes over? I really think Fox propaganda channel is a pox on the nation and is brainwashing our (mostly older white) population… I mean this article describes him as a libertarian who doesn’t like Trump… that’s not the same as left leaning by any stretch…

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I suspect his primary goal is to make money. If that requires moving into a less-Trumpian orbit, he will do so. What I would be shocked at would be if he moved away from the right wing echo chamber they have become. That is the sum total of their business model.


Yeah, I wouldn’t get your hopes up. There’s too large of an audience willing to swallow their swill to abandon them.

I’d say “less keen on Trump” - quite possible. Less outright ‘conservative’ nutjobbery, sure.

Deeply unpleasant fearmongering and dogwhistling - that’ll stay.

I’d be tempted to view this as a pendulum. They know their channel appeals to right-wing nutters. But the more they appeal to their main fanbase, the more they alienate everyone else including their advertisers.

They can carry on putting out the kind of stuff their viewers lap up but then sooner or later they end up putting out only the kind of stuff you find on conspiracy crackpots’ Youtube channels.

That loses you advertisers (and if the talks of sales are accurate which I’m not sure they are) it also makes prospective buyers dwindle.

So you tone it down, stop the straight-out appeals to fascism and xenophobia and go back to dog-whistling for a bit. Then you can build up again. And rinse and repeat.

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IDK but, James is the good son. He took the helm at Nat Geo after the Fox purchase and made sure that the brand and its message stayed true. Nat Geo TV channel got rid of the red neck targeted programming and back on track to Nat Geo core culture. I have my suspicions about the whole idea of Fox taking over Nat Geo but, mainly with the elder Murdoch’s motives. (Nat Geo split into two entities and laid off hundreds - What better way to dilute a liberal science based publication IMHO.(end tin foil hat) )

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OK, I confess to my knee-jerk, “guilt by association” impulse. I suppose we shall see. I am tempted to say it can’t get worse, but that sounds too much like a challenge.


This goes along with the push to appeal to a wider advertising clientele. Fox had a big shindig in front of ad execs several days ago but, I have not seen or heard how it went. I find it hard to imagine that they can convince advertisers that they can cross the divide.

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Hey, do you still bother thinking about Trump’s moves? ‘‘Grab them by the pussy’’ - number 1 man on the planet. ( first google search lol ). I agree with docosc’s comment, it’s just money. Always was with this guy.

This isn’t about the diseased cantaloupe it’s about what Lachlan Murdoch might do with FoxNews if he should have that chance. If he should push it towards a less pro-trump direction we would all be better off.

Don’t hold your breath.


Yeah, not Holding my breath… just desperate for glimmers of hope, any sign of the world might be turning back from the horror we’re living in.


Come on…it’s really not that unrelated.

I wish I could find the transcript! Several weeks ago, NPR had a very interesting take on what L. Murdoch may do once he takes over. No clear prediction, but the report posited an adherence to FOX’s current business model (inflaming the Right) since that generates significant capital.

Another reminder to remind myself to read others’ post before posting.

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