TOM THE DANCING BUG: National Geografox

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Clearly this is bogus. What gives it away is the polar bear article. If this were real the emphasis would be on saving “the white kind”. It’s all those colored–er, excuse me, bears of color–that are expendable.


NOW I see why Colbert was so afraid of those bears! Not the football kind… the brown and black kind (wink!)

I wish Trump would advocate the deportation of a certain aussie gajillionaire and his radical trrrrrist media empire (sorry Nat’l Geo)

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President Trump’s powers on this would be limited to things like drone strikes or nuking from orbit, since deportation is not an option – Murdoch has been a U.S. citizen since 1985 (at which time he gave up being a quadling from Oz).

What would the collateral damage be from dropping a nuke on Murdoch’s head? It might just be worth it if it is less than the damage done by leaving him alive.

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I was just joking about this with my wife. My example involved using the “Afghan Girl” cover from '80s with a caption about “Taliban using teens to seduce our troops”.


Just out of kicks I checked out the National Geographic Facebook page and glad to see that the sentiment is shared with lots of people.

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I figure that if we can get Murdoch, Trump, and the Kardashians on the same bus, we have to take the shot. That’s a hat trick right there.


I am not sure anyone is afraid of the football kind of Bears.


A classic. Once again Ruben has hit it right on the head.

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