FOX concern trolls CNN over fact-checking

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More like the center of a black hole from which no light can escape calling the kettle black.


Pretty much everything she said was right, but for the wrong reasons. I’m frankly shocked that someone could be that candid about Trump on Fox.


Once the MBA-level has at long last eradicated the last vestiges of journalistic philosophy as a means to keep the citizens informed, then they can really get down to the lucrative business of capturing eyeballs with politics as slime spraying game-shows and dark-money sponsorship. That is, it would be an aid to the republic if the remaining Schools of Journalism would be much louder in decrying the sewer that its profession is being flushed into. -sigh-


That is crazy! I do blame CNN for giving this serial sexual predator (no need for “allegedly” prefix now) a microphone, for sure. But Fox helped create this monster, so to criticize CNN for not sufficiently muzzling the pathological liar they elevated for years is a bit rich!


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So is everyone at Fox. Hmm, I wonder if there’s a connection?


… I see this is not even a joke really

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Fox knew that regardless of how the Trump interview went down, some CNN viewers will be pissed off enough to jump ship on CNN.

So, both networks are trying to throw a lightning strike into the ground. Each has drawn profits from a clingy, polarized stan base that is now seeing a tectonic shift, with many disillusioned viewers who previously stuck to Fox, CNN or MSNBC now looking around for another spot to land. Post-lawsuit, post-firings, post-trumpers-go-to-culty-new-network leftovers, CNN is offering hugs to conservatives, and Fox trying to win over some fatigued CNN/MSNBC viewers. The end result may be similar numbers in a re-stabilized polarization… of slightly different demographics.

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Not so unlike the GOP not-so-secretly wanting the Dems to do all the hard work in taking care of Trump for them, FOX wants others to help in taking down Carlson who is apparently going to go scorched earth on them — something that popcorn makers should prepare for.

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I’m speaking to an opportunity Fox thinks it sees. I don’t mean to say I think people who agree with MSNBC are suddenly disgusted with it. But there could be viewers irked about Don Lemon’s dismissal from CNN. The dismissal could have been a cynically timed move by CNN capture alienated Fox viewers. Fox may be trying to emerge from this whole shitshow with a few soundbites to make it sound like the voice of reason.

I can’t watch pundit cable for more than a few seconds. I have the audio streaming in all day from my next door neighbors multiple TV’s. When it’s loud enough to be discernible, I tend to close the windows. When something of great interest happens, they’ll call me.

That makes more sense with regards to CNN. But That seems less true with MSNBC, who I don’t think necessarily have the same overlap as CNN viewers… There is some overlap, true, but it’s not really a circle, I’m guessing.

heehee I can only reference my 82 year old mom who seems to stream both. I’ll ask her on Sunday. Or not, because → trump discussion.

Okay, I’ll fess up. The one who’s fatigued is me.

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