'FOX & Friends' blowhard believes the Government isn't here to protect people


Obligatory Kim Stanley Robinson quote:

That’s libertarians for you — anarchists who want police protection from their slaves.’

In the case of the contemporary Fox crowd, I’d add that they have a very definite idea of the skin colours of those slaves.


Man, this quote gets proven true on a daily basis these days:

Conservatism consists of exactly one proposition, to wit: There must be in-groups whom the law protects but does not bind, alongside out-groups whom the law binds but does not protect…

… And that’s just on Fox News.


Here’s hoping that Kilmeade has a good supply of water on hand in case his house ever catches on fire. After all, isn’t the fire department a part of the government? Hopefully he has a contract with a fire insurance company.


Indeed that’s spot on. They don’t care about justice and equity, they care about putting a boot on the neck of undesirables… which is anyone who isn’t them.


Anyone for a game of flash mob lawn darts?

It’s personal choice!


It explains the apparently cognitive dissonance where conservatives can go from “Law and Order, rah, rah! Smash the nasty miscreants! Shoot them in the streets!” to “How dare the police arrest people! Fuck the police!” at the drop of a hat.


Kilmeade: That’s not their job, it’s not their job to protect anybody!

Now I’m confused. If that’s the case, what’s the point of the military we’re all supposed to worship?


I am pretty sure that they see the police as an instrument for the suppression and subjugation of the “other”. They believe that they can protect themselves with their guns. The military, on the other hand is a tool to protect capital and ensure corporate profits…it is also not there to protect anyone. It also has the side benefit of killing brown people.

Government regulation in other areas that does protect people has to be fought because those protections always come at the cost of corporate freedoms (to pollute, to exploit workers, etc).


Fox news outs themselves as anarchists. I mean that is the final endgame of small government conservatives.


I felt a tremor in the force, too.


So, according to this loon, not only should we do away with police & the military (as others have noted), we should also do away with jails & prisons. Judges, too.
At least we won’t need lawyers anymore…
I have never actually seen ‘F&F’ (don’t have cable or the desire to waste the time), but I’m pretty sure the TV wouldn’t survive the experience.
Death By Shoe.


and please, if you don’t want to be vaccinated and you catch covid, please die at home, not at the hospital where you’ll drive up my health insurance cost, thank you.


Well, cynicism. All GOP politicians & their families got the vaccine and are safe (probably earlier than they should, by pulling strings). FOX NEWS ITSELF requires all its employees to be vaccinated (and even have a :gasp: vaccine passport of sorts their HR Dept distributes that you have to show at appropriate times). It’s their adoring public whom they constantly lie to that they are inseminating with vaccine doubt.

Why? And to what end? I think this all goes back to Baby Trump and the GQP hive mind. They know Trump doesn’t “like” the virus, the vaccine, anything about this event that doomed his term. So, they like Trump just want to ignore the virus and everything having to do with it, including the cure to the virus. (Plus, the lib dems are so gung-ho about this so-called “cure”-- if the lib dems are for it, there must be something wrong with it. Just like with absentee ballots.)

But… what’s up with Papa Doocey? Going off-script? It almost sounds like hes … pro-vaccine? Did Juan Williams bequeath him the mantle of Fox’s token liberal?

True. When in the opposition: Burn it all to the ground (the economy, defense, healthcare, the nation’s health itself) so you can start finger-pointing later to use as election issue.


Maybe not on its own but valid precedence cites the preamble so argument that it isn’t “law” is kind of casuistry.

It’s a bit similar here and people don’t understand how I can be worked up about how the Irish one needs deleting. No judge uses it as a basis for an argument any more but technically they could and should.


As I’ve previously opined elsewhere, it’s so they can blame the deaths of their useful idiot followers on Biden in time for the mid terms. Just wait and see

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that’s not about protection that’s about punishment.

they’re perfectly fine with punishment because it only affects intrinsically bad people. protection on the other hands affects intrinsically good people, aka them and their friends, aka white people

whenever they say “personal responsibility” just substitute “revenge” and it probably works.

( it also explains why they like the old testament white beard god so much, and don’t much care for the jesus actually described in the new )


From their viewpoint:
It’s protection if it keeps the people they are afraid of away from them.
From everyone else’s viewpoint:
It’s punishment if you happen to be one of them.

People that don’t look (or act) like themselves, or one of the Poors…

Well, there is kind of a Caste System amongst White People, so protection is an entitlement of the Proper (a.k.a. rich) White People.

Yeah, but just make 'em recite Leviticus out loud & watch their heads explode.
Especially if the reader is clean-shaven & they read that they are an Abomination…


B fails to remember that because of him and his moronic colleagues a lot of their devoted do or die cult members don’t think the vaccine works. Hannity apparently changed his tune last night, but I can’t stand to watch him, so I don’t know. Tuckkker is still at the mis-information game and FB isn’t even trying to make sure people aren’t being mis-informed to death. Their “opinion” is deadly, and I think there must be a whisper of lawsuit going around for Hannity to even refer to it.

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