Fox makes a sandwich in Chernobyl


She just wanted to make sure she had enough food to take back to her cubs.


Well now we know where these guys came from.

It’s hard to get clearance to visit the area, and you’ll hit your maximum annual dose of radiation in about 4 days (if I recall correctly). So not only are there fewer people in the area, I’d imagine that many of the people there are likely to be researchers who would either ignore the animals as irrelevant (depending on what they’re studying), or be actively interested in the animal’s well being.

If you’re ever in the area, stop by - he also makes really good flapjacks.


Dagwood Bumstead reincarnated as a fox!


At the top of your screen: the URL of sandwich.


Fresh-made sammiches. Untouched by human hand.

Sandwich. Really?!

That looks like an animal without opposable thumbs doing all it can to swipe and carry home as much food as possible while being wary of the foolish humans gawking at it.

Perfectly normal.

Mutant, sandwich-making foxes.
I am going to try real hard to work this tidbit into a real conversation in the near future.



For a bit there, I though this was going to be a story about a Fox News crew denying that the radiation damage in Chernobyl was that bad.

Can’t resist sharing a disgusting and/or cute video that popped up after Mr Fox, called “Raccoon Cafe.” I’m guessing from S. Korea:

(I particularly like the part where one of the raccoons tries to steal a young woman’s encased laptop or tablet.)

Raccoon dogs, Nyctereutes procyonoides! I squee!

Yes; eat some now and save as much as possible for later.

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