Meet the dogs of Chernobyl

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Ghillied-up Call of Duty players know: leave the pooch alone.


…to pay veterinarians to come to the area so that the pooches can be spayed and neutered.

They get paid extra for getting their nads irradiated? I’m not sure i would take the job, even for combat pay.

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Here are some happy dogs I ran across in Kiev:

I was going to take the trip out to Chernobyl but, it was too far out for the short time that I was there. I regret not going. Perhaps for the best.


Such coincidence. My son and I were just looking at a Google Image search for Chernobyl, and he noticed how often dogs were pictured. Now I come over here and voila.


I’ve played STALKER - that’s not what it’s like. Fake news!


Wouldn’t it make more sense to round up the government bureaucrats and shoot them. Seems like the pupsters are trying to be good guys just like most dogs everywhere.

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Some of the former pets there have taken on new and weird powers


Disappointed, I was hoping for an interview with, at least, one of the Dogs.


Any chance of a glow in the dark puppy?

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Minor typo, just FYI (prey)

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I visited the site in 2015, don’t recall the dogs but the guid did point out the wild horses and the biggest catfish I’ve ever seen in the cooling channels.

Should be going over to Kyiv again and thinking of going for another visit to see the Dugar radar which not open to visits at the time.


Best typo ever, the wolves worshiping their more sophisticated cousins, In Dog We Trust.


That’s great.

I recall hearing about a few cats that were found later, but I wonder if more cats were saved because they were smaller and easier to bring with. Cats also tend to go feral very fast and won’t come back looking for handouts.

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How big was the catfish, just out of curiosity?

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Plus deep down even domesticated cats think of nothing but murder.


I don’t have my pictures online but this YT link gives an idea, we were allowed to walked about 1/2 way across the bridge if I recall.

We were also asked not to take pictures of the plant which is to the left of where the camera is positioned.

Not to be confused with Johnny Alpha and his compatriots; though they may bear some isotopic resemblance.

Catfish do tend to grow big, so I doubt these are some kind of gigantic mutants or something.