Fox News and Infowars rant against "climate extremists" and expose the "globalist agenda" to "force humanity to eat bugs"

Originally published at: Fox News and Infowars rant against "climate extremists" and expose the "globalist agenda" to "force humanity to eat bugs" | Boing Boing

As with all propaganda, an exaggeration is easier to sell than a complete fabrication, and the World Economic Forum has been promoting the use of insects as food over the last few years.

Also, “It’s not happening, but if it was, here’s why it’s a good thing” is not going to get much traction as a counter-argument.


But we’re eating bugs already. In our peanut butter, in our cereal, in our bread. A certain amount of insect matter is acceptable according to the FDA.

Oh, yeah. Do they like shrimp? Or as we call them in our den: giant sea bugs.


I will turn on the globalist climate change agenda if anyone ever forces me to eat bugs.

But my wife can’t even get me to eat fruit and vegetables so I don’t think the government will ever be able to get me to eat a bug.

Unless, they grind them up and don’t tell me what I’m eating.

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As always, remember that the word “globalist” when uttered by these scumbags is an a anti-Semitic dog whistle.


Next, over at Infowars,

@jennifersandlin; is it really necessary to link them?

please, dont.


This story is a good example of how the news media is about generating ad revenue more than anything else: CBS’ morning show has a clip about eating bugs, which has a curiosity factor and a little bit of sensationalism. Then InfoWars and Fox can promote it as part of their conspiracy-minded paranoia (to be fair, anything can be twisted to that aim, it’s their whole business model.)

The fact is, people already eat bugs across much of the world, and when the shit really hits the fan nobody will be forcing us to eat bugs, we’ll be grateful to eat anything we can keep down. The “globalist conspiracy” that’s bringing about the need for insect cuisine is greedy uncontrolled capitalism that will wreck the planet in order to make a profit.



How is Alex Jones still running Infowars when he owes all that money? Did he make some kind of payment agreement that allows him to keep spreading his Info to payoff his huge debt?


Republicans also keep trying to limit meat inspection, and are for letting packing plants run with less oversight. So they’re okay with worms and bacteria, but apparently draw the line at insects.


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