Fox News' Chris Wallace suffers Trump advisor's nonsensical answers

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Really the best fog. Smog. Smoke, more of an apocalyptic smoke.

I’m sorry, which disaster are we talking about here?


I don’t get the attraction to talking heads, so IDGAF about this jack-hole wether they be “right” or “left”.

Just do the right thing in Nov, and we can start healing as a country again…


It’s almost as if they’ve received propaganda training from Russia or something…


This is more “fog of ego”. “Fog of war” usually means that the leader(s) listen to experts to help clear the fog which this fucking moron clearly had no interest in. Trump’s actions are akin to Carthage’s leader Hasdrubal yelling “NOTHING TO SEE HERE, EVERYTHING’S FINE!!” while Romans sack the city and his wife and kids throw themselves into a fire out of shame.


This isn’t very fair of Chris Wallace. It’s well known that Trump ignores his staff and their briefings in favor of Fox & Friends. The very same network that feeds disinformation to Trump then penalizes him for believing their drivel. It’s Dutch door action! Won’t someone join me in shedding a tear over the unfairness of it all?


To be fair, there is nothing but fog between Trump’s ears… specifically, the corrosive white fog obtained from mixing a strong Lewis acid such as SO3 with water.


fog? that must be the wildfires right?

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Are interviews like this getting through to Fox viewers? How many are changing their minds? It’s interesting from my side of the truth to see interactions like this, but do they really matter? I don’t know.


TReMendOuS FoG

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Most of the cult of the orange clown would celebrate America burning to the ground if it meant “owning the libs”. They will all be voting in November. Do not sit the election out.


Cortes beats Conway in this one, upscaling her "alternative- " to his “shifting facts” …

We have to look at the timeline

Yeah, why don’t we do just that?

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This headline is incorrect. Chris Wallace clearly doesn’t suffer Steve Cortes’ nonsensical answers.


Aid and abet a mass-murdering traitor, become a mass-murdering traitor.

There is tremendous fog because Trumpie is a fog machine!

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This stuff is not changing any loyal Fox News Viewers, but that is OK. In my state (Pennsylvania) Trump won by 0.7 %. In that election 4.3% went to third party candidates.

These are the people we need to convince, along with the people who stayed home because they supported Bernie, and those who just did not like Hillary, but figured she would win anyway. That is not happening this year. You can not convince me anyone who did not vote for Trump in 2016 will vote for him now. He has not gained a single voter.

We only need to change the 5% or so in the middle that did not vote for Hillary for whatever reason, and Trump’s record will do that. I personally know quite a few people who voted for Trump due to that old “We need a business person and not a politician” angle. I have been trying to make sure these people stay angry and energized to vote. We don’t need to change his base voters


To be fair, when you’re dumb as shit like Trump, everything does seem foggy and hard to understand. So he doesn’t bother trying.

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Fixed for ya.