Fox News lawyer tells a federal judge they know Tucker Carlson is full of 💩

“Make crime pay. Become a lawyer.” (Will Rogers)


Not quite. There’s a difference between claiming that a reasonable individual would view a specific statement as being opinion/hyperbole, and insisting that the entire endeavor would be viewed as making no factual claims.

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Tucker said “Remember the facts of the story; these are undisputed.” Pretty heady stuff for a champion of alternative facts.


If there was any requirement for the content of Fox News to be truthful or balanced, then it would be forced off the air entirely.

Because that’s what happened:


Lying liars and the liars who lie for them.

Oh, sorry, I misspelled “lawyers”.



piss artist ( plural piss artists )

  1. (Britain, slang) Someone who is frequently drunk (pissed).
  2. (Britain, slang) Someone who claims knowledge or understanding that he does not possess.
  3. (Britain, slang) Someone who frequently ridicules others (takes the piss).

Meaning 2 applies to Jones, Carlson and just about everyone else at Infowars and Fox News


So, sort of like the standard that the right tries to use against any commentary they don’t like? By which I mean, the exact opposite of that.

I wish it weren’t so redundant and boring to point out that today’s right wing is absolutely hypocritical about everything they say.

Or at the very least correct it to Fox Steaming Dumpster Fire.

OK, we won’t litigate you.

So Fox News lawyer called Tucker Carlson a clown. He’s just here to entertain you. Poor Tucker. He thought he was a journalist but he’s just a clown. His own company said he’s a clown and like any good clown who knows he’s a clown he’s going to keep clowning and cashing those checks.



That stated also applies to all other forms of media.

Read your McLuhan. Audio/visual signals bypass the rational processes and speak directly to the emotions. The human brain has not yet adapted to photography; we still see photos as truth. Ancient taboos against idolatry are on point.

If you want to take in information, stick to text.

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Really? You don’t need hocus pocus for propaganda to work. Video’s the most immersive but to this very day humanity’s still being held hostage by millennia old written works. Just because nukes are OP doesn’t mean garottes don’t work anymore.

FOX NEWS seems like that part of the movie Casino where Robert De Niro’s character creates a talk show and FOX NEWS is that talk show.

Nothing is foolproof, but it’s easier to identify and defeat propaganda when it comes in textual form.

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