Fox News producer claims company coerced her into lying in court

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I think turning on one another is a net good.

Hopefully this motion is denied

Fox News also on Monday filed suit against Grossberg, seeking a restraining order to prevent her from divulging privileged information that it said would cause the network to “suffer immediate irreparable harm.” A judge has not yet ruled on Fox’s request




Lying on air is the mission at Fox, so can I see where they got confused.


Before you get too excited, remember that all these people are dead-eyed opportunists finding their level.

That’s especially true of a producer like this one. One doesn’t go to work at Fox News because one is interested in journalistic truth-seeking.

She also should not be surprised that they set her up as a patsy. The work environment at that place must resemble that of the Mirror Universe Enterprise.


yes, but it’s probably good that some are finally starting to see the writing on the wall and come clean. The more that do that, the sooner Fox can collapse.


Pretty brazen to file a lawsuit alleging that you were coerced into committing perjury. You can’t really make your case without admitting to an even bigger crime.


I do wonder what will happen if Faux loses the larger lawsuit brought by Dominion. The network is too useful to the American right for Murdoch to just close up shop. I can see him (or perhaps a consortium of his buddies) paying things off with his own cash, a larger scale version of how the family subsidises Tucker Carlson’s money-losing Hour o’ Fascism.

Desperate times … she’s now facing financial ruin, and Uncle Rupert probably made it clear he won’t be bailing her out. Perhaps that will be cause for second thought for writers and producers who were thinking of working there.


Yeah, it’s kind of like the hydra. You chop off one head, and two grow back. But if enough fascist agitprop companies disappear in smoking billion dollar craters, eventually the big money people start to be a little more careful where they hold their money bonfires.


I don’t know that what she says herself is that credible or even damaging, but her lawyer said

Grossberg has “ample documentary evidence in all forms to support a broad swath” of the allegations made in the lawsuits.

Which could make for interesting reading.


Exactly. No need to victim blame, as tempting as it may be. I think everyone should remember that there are far greater powers in that industry than “producer.” I’m generally supportive of those who get a rough deal from their workplace having the option to sue even if they’re assholes. This is pretty bad for her no matter what happens really. Suing for a coercive environment that compromises one’s integrity… ugh… I have to admit I love to see it.


The collapse of Fox would truly be a Wonderful Thing. A kneejerk part of me wants to cynically say “well, Newsmax and whatever else will just fill the void” but I think that the break-up of the monopoly that Fox has had on right-wing propaganda will be a meaningful and positive thing. Fox being able to claim some kind of “Number 1” spot solely because other viewpoints (e.g. reality) have competition has given them way too much of an air of legitimacy. The market competition has also led to some much-needed fragmentation and in-fighting.


They could have just reached a settlement. Now they’re going to do some time and pay up even more than they would have.

It’s a win-win.




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