Producer sues Fox claiming its lawyers forced her to give misleading testimony in the Dominion lawsuit

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Well, admitting you committed perjury for your boss is a choice. I wonder if they can call her back in to revise her testimony at this point, or just charge her. Seems pretty gross for her to lie for them, then turn around and sue them for asking her to lie after her testimony is over.


and this “misleading” behavior surprises a “former producer for carlson and bartiromo”?

(don’t suppose a judge can dismiss on account of established precedence of Leopards Eating People’s Faces)


“Fox News also on Monday filed suit against Grossberg, seeking a restraining order to prevent her from divulging privileged information that it said would cause the network to “suffer immediate irreparable harm.” A judge has not yet ruled on Fox’s request.”

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Fer sure. Pretty gross also to claim she was forced to lie. She didn’t have to do it.


“has sued Fox over alleging its lawyers forced her to give false and/or misleading testimony”

I think you want to replace “over” with a comma here. She’s not suing Fox for alleging these things. She’s alleging these things.


It certainly seems plausible that she was coerced into doing it to protect her job. Granted she was trying to keep a job at an organization that exists to spread far-right propaganda and misinformation, so that’s gonna be a mitigating factor in how much sympathy I send her way.


Every time I’ve had to give testimony on behalf of the company, in the prep sessions the lawyers have explicitly instructed me: “Answer every question honestly. Do Not Lie.”

The lawyers know that no matter what the outcome is of any particular trial or lawsuit, lying makes everything exactly as bad as the worst possible outcome, plus 10X worse.

I am actually surprised that Fox’s lawyers are that unethical and incompetent that they would advise lying. They do Fox shareholders no favors by letting their clients lie on the stand. Just goes to show that incompetence and failed ethics are absolutely core to the entire company.




Of course, and I wasn’t sending sympathy her way.

By highlighting her not being forced to do it, I mean that she knew what she was doing was wrong, could have not done it, but did it anyway. Citing the threat of being fired if she didn’t do it puts some justified blame on her employer (and of thus being “coerced”), but she’s also to blame for her lies.


In the words of a great American philosopher, “George, you know the job was dangerous when you took it.” That poor soul decided to work at FOX for TUCKER CARLSON AND MARIA BARTIROMO – what happens to them next is predictable shit just like this. If people didn’t work for them, they also couldn’t broadcast their crap.

Suing Fox for screwing with her seems to be the logical progression. I wonder if Fox tries a defense in “everyone knows that if you come here it is going to be a shitshow of harassment and abuse.”

I have no idea what this producers situation was or why they might have felt compelled to take this job regardless of knowing what that would mean their effort went to promote – but I can’t believe someone blindly walked into a job working for Tucker Carlson at FOX thinking it going to be otherwise.


I guess it’s a case of “I knew I’d be helping spread lies on TV, but I didn’t know I’d be asked to perjure myself in a court of law.”


How many times? No, I really don’t want to ask…

Unless “the company” is some sort of code for the CIA…

4 or 5. Lawsuits happen in our industry all the time. The first time freaked me out, because I was a junior developer who had only been there for a couple of years. After that, they were just things that occasionally happened.


I learned an invaluable lesson during one of the cases. When you are working with corporate lawyers, helping them prepare the case to defend the company you both work for, always remember they are corporate lawyers. They are there only to defend the company – not you. They’re all nice and friendly when you’re just chatting with them about the case, but if they get even a hint that you might have done something to bring the situation to where it is, they will literally turn on you like sharks smelling blood, complete with the dead-eye stare. F’king terrifying when it happens – took me a day to unclench.


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