Fox News leaks juror details, forcing resignation in Trump case

It doesn’t look like it, but so what? Neither of them should have reported that level of detail about a juror. When I tried to use the excuse “but everyone is doing it” when I was 6 or 7, my mother responded with “if everyone jumped off a bridge, would you?” Just because someone besides Fox also did it doesn’t mean it’s ok.


I’m old and remember in Italy when there was another group that harassed jurors: the Red Brigade seems to me that now in the USA there’s a new kind of Red Brigade.

For the Italian ones, they had for some times a lot of flankers even in Italian press.


I was thinking about the jurors today, after this woman was doxxed. I don’t know that I would be willing to be a juror in this case - I’d likely self select out. His fans cult members are just too willing to resort to violence.


In this case in particular, if they cannot assure anonymity, they are asking for someone to get hurt or killed. It should not be that friggin’ hard to do. But then, I have no idea what’s involved.


Really didn’t have an opinion? Or just not one she was willing to share?


They would if they’re paying attention to the comments section.


They do, but they’re opting for transparency to make it known it will be a “fair” trial, even if it means putting jurors at risk of death. Fair in quotes as a normal criminal would have faced repercussions years ago, if they weren’t a rich politically connected thug like Trump.


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