Judge says jurors in Trump rape lawsuit trial to be anonymous, fearing "harassment or worse"

Originally published at: Judge says jurors in Trump rape lawsuit trial to be anonymous, fearing "harassment or worse" | Boing Boing


This should be the case for all jurors. It’s hard enough to be on a jury making a decision on something that’s going to greatly impact someone else’s life but to be possibly subjected to everyone else second guessing everything when they aren’t constrained by the rules of the trial is cruel. I’ve been on several jury trials and it is not easy to get jurors to come to a consensus and not everyone is going to be totally comfortable with the outcome.
If you ever get outraged by a jury’s decision and you have never been on a jury, then maybe you should give it a shot instead of avoiding it. It’ll give you insight into the justice system and maybe you’ll come out with a bit more compassion for jurors who do serve.


I predict they’ll be outed on twitter, and/or the RW “news” outlet. They’ll be considered suspect as they live in NYC.


I honestly thought this was the case - anonymity unless you yourself break it. In high profile cases like these, it would be best.

See also: the internet. A lot of people are more honest (and/or sadistic) because they can do so behind a veil.


The fascist thug assaults the justice system at every opportunity.


This made me think about how really all of Trump’s court cases need to be treated like organized crime cases, at least in terms of security precautions. The threats to everyone involved are even worse, albeit more unpredictable as attacks are going to be massively crowdsourced. The nature of the threats is really unprecedented - there may have been incredibly unpopular cases in the past, where large numbers of people might wish harm on those involved, but the fact that the internet allows anyone in the country (or around the world) to join in on doxing, harassing, threatening and even attacking (via “swatting”) without stepping foot in the state is new.


And a large number of people in Congress and elsewhere should be treated as RICO co-conspiritors.


I guess it’s just easier to lock up the jurors rather than lock up criminals.


Aiding and abetting, at least.


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