Trump forced to endure merciless roasting as potential jurors mock him

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I was just listening to Pod Save America earlier and they talked about this. I would have given anything for the opportunity to do this.


Yeah, I know if I sent him a letter unloading my best insults at him, his staff would make sure he never saw it. How glorious must it feel to know that they dug up the most devastating roasts ever dumped on that asshole’s skull and made him sit there and listen… :slight_smile:


“He’ll almost certainly never truly be punished by the legal system for his myriad crimes so we have to take our small victories where we can get them.”

Sadly, probably true. But we live in hope. I also hope that all this (richly deserved) piling on doesn’t elicit sympathy from juries and the voting public toward this steaming pile of a person.


He won’t take any of it to heart. He will tell himself that those people are full of shit, prejudiced by Fake News.

All that narcissist cares about is that his name is on so many pairs of lips.

…they would sooner be hated by mankind than be ignored and forgotten as is their due. And the truly selfish care only for their imperial selves.

(Lord Dunsany, writing about Kaiser Wilhelm II in "Tales Of War)


I’ve seen the video of Trump being roasted by Obama and he was not happy to be talked about, he was seething. He may not need to be loved, sure, but he can’t stand being thought of as in any way small or a loser.


So he does not like hearing others insult him. That was not my point.

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Ok, well, I can only react to what you actually said, and what you said is that all he cares about is that people are talking about him – which includes insults so would mean he does like hearing them. :man_shrugging:


Yeah. Trump’s famous for his thin skin and his inability to ever let anything go. Remember the “short-fingered vulgarian” thing where he, years later, kept returning to an insult, unable to get over it or to forget it.

That is not the behavior of someone who only cares about being the target of attention, good or bad.


that last sentence shows a profound lack of faith in both our legal system and the regular citizens who work in it, and while i get it’s easy to be cynical and give in to hopelessness, i choose to believe that in this case it’s going to be a situation of justice that is long overdue.


Only because it’s been proven true without fail for the last several decades in this guy’s case.


In a way, he already is. He’s boxed in on all sides by opponents and lawsuits, and the money his “friends” are giving him is just going to stave off disaster. All the power, influence, and money he had are gone, and these are all he really lives for.

Jail time would be nice, but it’s just icing on the cake.


As evidenced in the article, it is approaching impossible to find an unbiased jury to try him. Without an unbiased jury, he cannot get a fair trial.

Presenting both the success and failure of our judicial system.


Honestly, for at least as long as this trial carries on, there’ll be a wealth of new material being generated. The aforementioned mean tweets would just be “prep”. :smiley:


I’ve heard accounts of comedians that wrote jokes for the Comedy Central Trump roast, and he was so thin skinned he demanded a joke about an imaginary “Trump space station” be changed because he didn’t like that the punchline’s square footage number wasn’t large enough.


This is pleasing.
But doesn’t publicizing which posts were shared by the potential jurors very much help in identifying them?

Like, if you had a few hundred people that matched the generic details of one of the jurors, and one of those shared the “dumb as fuck” video about two weeks ago…

That was Chenille’s point.

45 is not impervious to negative criticism and mockery; he’s hypersensitive to it, which is why he keeps up the constant bullshit about how great everyone else thinks he is… at his core, he knows it’s not true.


I remember hearing that he said that the only thing off limits at that roast was his money. Everything else, including family, was fair game.


It wouldn’t surprise me to hear that Comedy Central roasts had a little more kayfabe, with a pre-discussion about off-limits topics than the old Friars Club roasts.