Fox News loses spelling bee


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to bad.


I blame Obama, he took the “e”.


Spelling is witchcraft. It’s right there in the name. Good Christians avoid it.


“Be” is actually the shortest spelling ever. I’ve seen ones like beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and even longer, I’m not sure what the record is.


Funny you’d mention that, Fox News was just trying to bring attention to Obama accidentally omitting an “e” in a speech earlier this week. FOR WHAT NEFARIOUS PURPOSE IS THE WHITE HOUSE CONFISCATING AMERICAN "E"S??


This is a grammatical error, not spelling.

It should be “Longest spelling is ever”.


I thought you called them something silly like ‘mollies’ over there?

It’s always nice to see my (lack of) expectations about Fox fulfilled.

But as far as why goes?

We’ve got “It’s Obama’s fault”, but we missed some of the other standards,

  • It’s a liberal war on --Fill-In-The-Blank–
  • Immigrants
  • Bengazi
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One of my favourite t-shirt designs from threadless:


OMG to the fucken tilt. I was chatting with some random old dude this weekend and he first asks me, somewhat conspiratorially, if I thought Obama was smart (“I mean, I just think he’s not very bright–he doesn’t have a clue!”) and went on to tell me that the Benghazi story was just about to blow up!

Unless it was an ebonics thing to boost their street cred. In that case, it be proper.

Talk like a pirate day isn’t until Sep 19th.

Me, I want to know what’s wrong with her face.

(Everyone knows that the longest word is ‘smiles’.)

To bee or not to bee…

Beeing and Spelling Nothingness.

I know you’re joking, but just to break it down

  • it’s “molly” or “some molly,” not “mollies”
  • it’s derivative of the word “molecule”–that is to say, “ecstasy” could be some stepped-on bullshit, but “molly” is pure MDMA; or so your dealer would have you believe, at least.

Stifling and definition were the two words? What happened to the ridiculous words that I’ve never heard of?

They’d run out of them. Seriously, these kids went through the entire book, and then some. The winner won on the 95th round.

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