The endless stream of White House spelling mistakes


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"Make America Grate Again" -JimmyKimmelLive

“Not the way the liberal, leftist dictionary spells them but rather the way our president does” -JKimmel



Well of course, Trump only hires people whose primary qualification is “toadying.”


No, he hires people whose primary qualification is “todaying”.


I cannot ever unsee this image. Thanks brother.


Alternative spellings?




It is interesting in the sense that this could seem like a minor thing to point out in the shit show that is the “presidency” but incompetence at proofreading has actual consequences:

Even if it is just the total plausibility that they actually did make a typo and are not just clueless.


It was also spelling mistakes that made it easy to figure out who leaked Mueller’s questions to Trump.


I’m reminded of a joke I read years ago and can’t seem to find today (my google-fu is weak this morning) regarding simplifying the spelling and alphabet and revised pronunciation of sounds and letters.
Short of it was the simplified English sounded very much like a cartoon Russian accent.

Damn, this post would have had more punch if I could find it. Maybe someone else remembers this one and has more success at retrieval than I do.


Today,the White house announced a new initiative for the president and all senior communications personnel.


Mark Twain wrote an essay about simplifying English and ending up with German. There was a joke I heard years ago about SAP (or
Siemens) based on that essay.


Oops. Self-correction:


I post things all the time and then later proofread and correct them which is just one of the reasons I am not qualified to run a country.


Incompetence manifests itself in many waze.


Some folks might say a blog/news organization should also care about spelling mistakes. I still think you all need to hire an editor.


Yes that is the one. Thank you, my memory was fuzzy about the language target also it seems.


Considering the lack of importance he attaches to the meaning of the words that come out of his face hole, I think it’s no surprise that spelling would be considered trivial.


Which is why i use google spam instead.