The endless stream of White House spelling mistakes

Yes, indeed. An incredibly small pot is calling the biggest kettle in the world black.

(I agree, they need one, but I can understand why they don’t want to afford one; however, their errors have less potential global significance and real-world impact than the largest kettle’s do, even if most of what it does is let off steam - but steam can scald.)

Fair point.

I tend to hold the freakin’ federal government to a much higher standard than I do a blog.

If Rob, Xeni, or Cory fucks up in their posts, (which they sometimes_do_, they’re human) there’s no possibility that it could actually trigger a literal nuclear crisis in an already unstable political climate, whereas with 45 & Co:


Well, there’s one Boris-Donald Singularity under the parking-space moss. Confidence that I can spelt-mise Whitehouse statements differently rebounds!

Lasting Peaches in the Tel-Aviv to Tashkent is on the list! Wan road, Hun Kilt. Hot cobbler, do what thou wilt.


Lasting Peaches is the long pole in Tashkent.

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