Fascinating analysis of the way Trump uses words


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My 5-year-olds saw a clip of him on the news last week during which he repeatedly used the word “stupid” to describe his opponents.

They couldn’t understand why a man who thinks he should be President would talk that way, since they’ve been taught at home and school that “stupid” is a “strong word” which is not to be flung about in polite company.


One thing that pisses me off about the way Trump speaks is that he constantly says “problem” but never bothers coherently explaining the “problem” or his ideas for solutions. Except for the few times he makes himself look like a fucking nazi.

It’s like that episode of Family Guy when Lois ran for mayor on the campaign speech: “nine eleven. Baaad. Jesus, guns. Good. Nine… Eleven.”


Hey I also have a pair of 5-year-olds! Mine are a lot less uncultured though, and use “stupid” on a pretty much regular basis on each other.

I think they would have the same opinion as yours on Donald Trump, but I refuse to expose them to such ugliness.


“Trump’s answers consist mainly of one-syllable words, and are at a forth grade reading level.”



Yeah, this was really interesting, when it came out last August.


I’m pretty sure the problem/solution with no concrete way as to why or how to make it happen is a staple among all the candidates…


When the person doing linguistic analysis make a point of highlighting all the one-syllable words, and many of them have two syllables.


Trump must be making someone happy, including the entities who keep making it sound like we are at war against ALL Muslims. This works for the architects of war and also for organized Christianity, which is desperate to reverse its declining membership and to continue its incursion into local, state and federal government.

So let’s just give a great big welcome to our newest future “friends”, the American Christian Taliban!


Just about everything is a “disaster”…


Ever repeat a word soany times it not only loses meaning bit sounds weird?


Kinda like the word Scuba.


Sadly, they’re not wrong. Trump panders to the worst aspects of the more stupid people :frowning:

The one good point in this is it’s the perfect situation to explain such political idiocy to the next generation…


Hello, fellow twinners @buddybradley @Brainspore. Mine are 13 now and watching loud swearing shit on YouTube. No I am not proud of this fact. I am about to stand up and make them turn it off. Happy twinning! It gets worse.



Maybe because only one syllable was emphasized? lol!


My brother and I were basically the Weasley twins growing up so I guess it’s just Karmic retribution.


I thought there would be a link to the analysis, but apparently just an embedded video? I’d rather read an analysis. Maybe I’m just old-fashioned?


This is going to be in my nightmares tonight. Thank you so much.


I wonder what would really happen if Trump got elected?


I married one. :wink: