Fascinating analysis of the way Trump uses words

I heard 9/11 changed everything…


Yeah, the world’s gone crazy ever since Osama Bin Laden murdered baby Jesus then stole the Maltese Falcon.


That was GWB’s job. Well, that was a joint job with OBL being the decoy.


You’re stupid. :wink:

Forth; not just a river in Scotland!

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"When you watch the video, look for this tell:

  1. Author says Trump is intentionally using language in a way that is far more effective than his opponents. Author shows evidence that it is an intentional pattern, not an accident. And he acknowledges that Trump’s language style works great.

  2. Author concludes that Trump is “not smart.”

Donald Trump, graduate of Wharton’s business school, builder of empires, master of several different domains, and probably the next President of the United States is “not smart” based on the evidence that his intentional speaking pattern is more effective than the competition.

Did you see it?

In the old days you would have concluded that the author of the video is an idiot. But clearly he is not, because his work shows both talent and high intelligence. This is as clear a case of cognitive dissonance as you will ever see." - Scott Adams


OK, someone has to Godwin the thread, so I guess it’s me this time.

You know who else was a builder of an empire with an intentional speaking pattern more effective than the competition?

Doesn’t make either of them smart, or decent human beings.


I think the analyst is giving Trump too much benefit by implying it’s intentional. It’s habit, the habit of a huckster, as the analyst acknowledges. A bully huckster who has figured out a speech pattern that gets him by. The shame of it is that it works on so many people.


Fair enough, but this video does articulates a number of points beyond the reading level of Trump’s verbiage. Ending on a strong word, for example… (and it does cite other outlets covering the reading-level ground, rather than claiming to have performed some original analysis)

I believe when you’re trying to disparage someone in the way you’re doing, you’re supposed to say something along the lines of “Trump isn’t intelligent, but he does possess a certain low cunning.”

These do not imply a paradox. Cats, for instance, have hunting patterns that work very well. They are more efficient predators than wolves or foxes. But the canidae in general have bigger brains and more adaptable behaviour than the felidae.

Trump has a speaking pattern that is very effective, but he is not using it to promote intelligent policies. He could do…but he is using it to promote crude nationalistic and ethnically restricted policies which in the long run will most likely keep him from being president.


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Well, that’s just how Trump works. Look at interviews with any of his supporters, they just take his platitudes and insert their own meaning in to it.

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Something like this?


I’d rather read an analysis.

Couldn’t agree more!

Totally baffled by the tendency for all tutorials to be video, especially when so many topics are better handled via text


I’m no fan of Trump, but this analysis is sorely lacking. The only comparison he makes to other candidates is with regard to the grade-level of his speech. Sure, Trump is the lowest of the current candidates, but Mike Huckabee is right up there with Bernie Sanders, and I’d hardly call Huckabee a critical thinker.

A more interesting comparison, anyway, would be to compare Trump’s speaking patterns to previous presidents, not just current candidates. How does Trump stack up with people who have actually won the presidency?

Answering questions on a talk show while running for president is hardly a “natural” situation, and therefore claiming that Trump uses “unnatural” syntax in order to put his buzzwords in the final position needs examining. I’d like to see comparisons to both non-candidates on talk shows (authors selling books, actors pushing movies) other candidates and previous presidents on talk shows. I’d also like to see how his language compares to other salespeople giving pitches.

So… the lesson is that even intelligent 5 year olds realize that tRump is a bloviating idiot?


I’m usually a somewhat curious guy, but this is something that I’m perfectly happy not knowing the answer to.

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Julius Caesar?

Not a good counter-example, that guy was highly literate.