Donald Trump with a cockney accent

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Interesting. Really brings out what Josh Marshall’s points out about Trump’s swaggering, grotesque machismo –

When I first wrote about this a dozen years ago I called it the “bitch slap theory of politics.” I’m no longer comfortable using that phrase. But I do think the heavily gendered, violent nature of that phrase is one of the only ways to really capture the nature of what’s happening in these dramas.

Take Trump’s evisceration of Jeb Bush.

Trump’s comment about Jeb’s being “weak”, “low energy”, “pitiful” … these are demeaning and denigrating phrases. They seem frankly gross, with an emotional tenor we’d expect from street toughs or frat boys trash talking each other. It’s raw and primal and all about dominating by denigrating. . . .

Trump doesn’t apologize. He hurts people and they go away. He says things that would kill a political mortal (ban members of an entire religion from entering the country) and yet he doesn’t get hurt. Virtually everything Trump has done over the last six months, whether it’s a policy proposal or personal attack, has driven home this basic point: Trump is strong. He does things other people can’t.


Blimey, that woiks rather well with the message…

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That was good. Next do Sarah Palin but have her speaking english instead of dr seuss.


My only concern is that Cockney Trump is going to eat Marlin and Dory…

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And Bob’s your uncle… Brilliant!

Now really scare us & do one with an Austrian-Germanic accent.


The ALL TRUMP debate:


Bleedin’ hilarious, know what I mean, guv?




Don’t know how it sounds to English ears, but it makes him sound more likable to me. Maybe it’s the prejudice that anyone with an English accent sounds more intelligent to me.,

Keep him as ugly as he is!

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Not English but nearest neighbours and to me it makes him sound like a misogynistic, racist, extraordinarily violent sociopath with outward signifiers of conservatism. A hideous self serving monster of ego with an overwhelming self pitying narrative describing how whatever he doesn’t like is somehow the only thing that is utterly out of order while any kind of rape, murder, robbery, battery, mutilation, torture, more murder, thievery etc. is Kushti because you all know (nod wink) the unstated rules of the game. Right?

You a facking nonce or what? You facking lookin at me? I’ll facking etc. etc.

His own accent which I heard for the first time in the last couple of weeks is way more effete than that to my ears.


Oi! Jebbo! You 'avin a larf, mate? Bash yer fookin 'ead in, I will.


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Welsh? Irish? Manx? Channel Islander?

too realistic and therefore more boring : P


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I kept waitin’ for 'im to talk about 'is pigs.

Eh, badly done. The sound is awful. Not nearly as funny as the posh Brit version of Chump.

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