A showcase of Trump's gaffes in North Carolina today

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That’s the difference between an amateur and a professional. You can tell Agent Orange is a pro because he can produce gibberish without anyone pointing a firehose at his face.


This kind of mispronounciation is associated with Alzheimer’s.

“Phonemic paraphasias” —the substitution of non-words for words that sound similar—are not normally seen until a patient enters the moderate to severe stages of Alzheimer’s.

Some examples of Trump’s non-words: Beneficiaries becomes “benefishes.” Renovations become “renoversh.” Pivotal became “pivobal." Obama became “obamna.” Missiles became “mishiz.” Christmas became “Crissus.” Bipartisan became “bipars.”

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I can almost imagine how cruel, racist people could like Trump if all they see is the short clips of him that Fox news had edited to make him sound coherent. But there are people LOVE him and go to his speeches multiple times. How could you possibly sit through more than an hour of him and not realize how demented he is, even if you share his horrible racist worldview and like his vindictive cruelty?


It’s a cult. That started to become clear years ago. Cults are good at holding onto their members long after they go froot loopy because the victims are so invested they can’t admit to themselves they’ve been had.


It was clear from day 1 of Trump’s first campaign that people were only selectively paying attention to what he was saying - he would take several, contradictory positions, and they’d act like he only proposed the one they agreed with. They would also hear what they wanted even when he didn’t say it at all. MAGAts just filter out all the weird stuff he says - i.e. most of it - and fill in the gaps with their own inventions. The truth just doesn’t matter.


I suppose Trump’s apparent speaking in tongues will just make him even more popular with evangelical Christians.


His “spiritual advisor” enjoys speaking in tongues.

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(There’s a video clip.)


If Trump were looking at this guy give speeches, he’d call him low-energy Dementia Don.


And, for once, he’d be right.


And as a late addition (they just keep on coming)

Guardian Sun 3 Mar 2024 11.36 EST

Trump confuses Obama for Biden again at Virginia rally speech

Richmond crowd reportedly went silent as 77-year-old mixed up the president and ex-president for third time in past six months

Donald Trump confused Barack Obama for Joe Biden at a rally in Virginia on Saturday, triggering further questions about the age of the likely Republican presidential nominee who has made a string of such gaffes.

It also comes at a time of similar concerns about the Biden. At 77 and 81 respectively, Trump and Biden are the oldest people to run for the presidency in US history.
“Putin has so little respect for Obama that he’s starting to throw around the nuclear word. You heard that. Nuclear. He’s starting to talk nuclear weapons today,” said Trump, on Saturday night in Richmond.

The crowd reportedly went silent as the Trump referenced Obama, who left office more than seven years ago. It’s the third time Trump has made the blunder in the past six months.

(yep, it’s not the age, it’s the covfefe)


So why is The Guardian the only source that’s reporting this stuff? Surely CNN, despite its both-sideism, can see that pushing Trump’s decline would generate enough outrage (=viewers=ad revenue) to make it worthwhile. Meanwhile the New York Times is working overtime to push the “everyone on earth is worried about Biden’s age” narrative.


In my experience, very few people remember exactly what they said in a conversation after a day or two. They do remember what they meant to say, and can get pretty surprised by how different that was to what they actually said if they hear a playback of the conversation.

This is probably the same kind of thing.

The rally goers only really remember the message, and liking it. So when they recall the rally they’re actually reconstructing a more coherent speech than the firehose of borderline gibberish they really heard pour out of Trump’s mouth.


The Venezweregullah didn’t bother me as much as another sentence he was trying to get through, stumbled on his words and then just stopped. It was obvious he couldn’t think of anything to say, and just gave up. He’s getting much worse, and until MSM does their job and starts showing it, it’s going to continue to be unknown to a majority of Americans.
It is being covered extensively by YouTube podcasters and Internet Only news.


I don’t think even World Weekly News is covering it. Where is the “insane Nazi Ghost Runs for President!” headline?


Here’s an example of Trump’s word-stick on Jan 6, 2021, where he wants to say “We’re going to walk down to the Capitol”, but he was having trouble with Capitol, and kept injecting bits so he could take another run at it. Note the extra force when capitol finally pops out. I don’t think that’s just his rambling speaking style; I think his speaking style is a cover for his rambling brain.


'cuz he sound jes lahk mah daddy did when he used ta get all dressed up in white robes and go an talk bout “dem peoples”.
yup, mah daddy wud say…[redacted]…


Didn’t you hear? Ivanka is pregnant by the grown up bat baby. They’re going to substitute baby for TFG in the later months of the campaign.