Fascinating analysis of the way Trump uses words

No, it’s also a not-very-scrutable computer language which is often used to control scientific instruments. Quite unlike an easily understood human language intended to control unwitting tools.


I teach yoga and one of the things I had to learn is that when speaking you can really never repeat enough. It’s not normal to speak so repetitively; it’s something you learn as you do more speaking. People need to hear catch phrases and interesting words to have ideas stick in their minds.

I don’t see his use of repetition, nor his use of short words as anything ominous. Nor that he has favorite words like “tremendously.” We all have favorite words we fall back on.

I do think the concept that he is selling and creating agreement is a good point, and probably a technique is particularly good at since he does do a lot of sales. The way he acts as if there are people who already are in agreement with him or that the people on the opposite side are in agreement; I think that’s interesting. It makes it seem like there is a groundswell of support, which I think is powerful for people. People like to be on the popular side.


Thanks for the warning bro. Getting ready now [grabs next bottle of tequila] :cry:

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