Barack Obama: the coolest lame duck

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When you say “now” you mean a month ago, right?


That really is embarrassing.


Misspellings make for new ways of looking at things!


I fixed the title. (Failure to spellcheck before posting is a pet peeve of mine.)

Of course that means it’s no longer a ‘Boing’ and is now a ‘Dizzy.’


Fresh from his stint at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner …

This video was shown at the dinner as part of that stint.

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Managing editor’s day off?

Also, he’s not truly a lame duck until after the election.


President Obama is not nor will he be a lame duck so stop using the GOP narrative.

A lame duck President, is one who comes back after the election in November having lost but is still in power until the new session in January 20th the next year.


Well. . . I guess this has been on the internets for a while now, but it’s the first time I’ve seen it, and it was genuinely funny. Kudos to Boehner for being able to poke fun at himself and appear with Obama in a joke video.


It also means ineffectual. Over the years it has been used to describe 2nd term presidents with an opposition or hostile Congress.

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i had already seen this, but it’s still funny watching again. barack and biden play so well off each other, it’s comedy gold.

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I’m very happy someone has now corrected my misspelling of the president’s first name. I write Boing Boing pieces late a night after my regular 10-hour day of writing is through, and sometimes mistakes slip in.

I had not seen the video before encountering it on YouTube, and thought it was very funny. Even if some people have seen it before, certainly there are many Boing Boing readers who will likely not have seen it. My only goal was to bring them a smile.


Well I hadn’t seen it so I’m glad it was posted.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that Boehner came off fairly naturalistic and at-ease on camera, since it was a big part of his job. Maybe I’ve been conditioned by the Daily Show, Colbert, &c. to expect politicians to appear stilted and awkward.

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Um, yeah, lame duck you are with your extraordinary “journalism”. I only stay on this blog for Cory.

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