Fox News was always partisan, but now it is rudderless and "anti-democratic"

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Fox news has always shilled for the GOP. That they are doing it even more is no surprise. Trump, the GOP and his supporters are the product of Fox and other billionaire right wing propaganda machines that have been trafficking in fear and hate for two decades. Getting rid of Trump won’t fix this. Electing anyone but a Republican might.


Yep. The first time I noticed it was when they were reporting on the Elian Gonzalez raid in April of 2000 (time flies). The Fox anchors were horrified that Janet Reno took steps to reunite the boy with his father. I couldn’t believe that anyone would be opposed to that.


I think the word we are all looking for is “unsustainable”. Once the Republicans lose power, a whole lot of the Fox News empire will begin to implode. The horrible part, though, is that this implosion will set off a series of gun massacres, I fear. Outraged Fox News viewers will “take the law into their own hands” and begin a uniquely American revision of Charlie Hebdo / Batalcan attacks all across the country.


One of the many, many things I loathe about Fox News is that its coverage is designed to upset and stress out elderly people. Any clinic that puts it on the screen in the waiting room should be subject to a malpractise suit.


Rupert Murdock or Darth Sidious? You decide. … Spinning Chyron …


I love that last bit… what do you mean, both sides don’t do it equally?


I can’t count the number of times my folks were upset about something they saw there. They’re from a time where all news agencies were (relatively) considered trustworthy. I almost feel like there should have been a memo. And don’t get me started on the constant “ALERT” chyron for everything.


FAUX did just fine during the Obama years. I expect them to continue doing well when Donny Two Scoops is replaced.


Yeah, they just flip back and forth between “blind, unrelenting support of the executive branch” and “blind, unrelenting criticism of the executive branch” depending on which party happens to be in office.


That’s not so much a pivot as a microscopic repositioning.


I don’t think so, for the main reason that Roger Ailes, despicable troll that he was, was also a savvy manager who knew how to avoid seeming to unhinged. The current management is not capable of making such tactical fallbacks, and will step over the line, inciting violence.


My worry is that they will attempt to turn into Radio Télévision Libre des Mille Collines.


I agree, and it’s one reason I’m researching what firearm(s) to purchase myself. If a lynch mob shows up at my door, I’d rather die fighting.

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I don’t know how Shep Smith keeps getting his contract renewed. How does someone so (relatively) reasonable last so long there?


I think he’s their token moderate, so they can claim they are fair and balanced to their base.


They never let that sort of thing get in their way before.

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Smith isn’t a moderate, he only looks that way in the company of lunatics. Keep in mind that most of the big name shows on Fox don’t even pretend to be news as such, they’re opinion and commentary. Smith’s part is the actual reporting, or as close to it as Fox gets. Which means he has to occasionally let a bit of reality slip in. When he had to explain the reality of the Uranium One deal, he actually looked kinda scared.


I wouldn’t bet against what you say, but then, I wouldn’t bet against Fox-radicalised terrorists committing more atrocities whatever happens.

This is my bugbear with fears about right-wing insurrection in general; accommodating right-wing demands doesn’t reduce the danger, so why do it at all? Fox News viewers are, almost by definition, people whose rage levels can only go up, not down. So fuck ‘em.

Plus, I pretty much call bullshit on right-wingers’ fantasy of themselves as a terrifying martial force. If you don’t have the mental capacity to see through Fox News, shooting yourself in your fat ass is probably about the most advanced stratagem you’re capable of.


yeah, while i don’t doubt fox has gotten even more vicious - it seems from the outside like a pretty steady journey.

the article leaves out older parts of the story. like for instance calling bush v gore for bush long before anyone knew what the actual answer was. their decision is basically what the supreme court backed as the presumed choice.

they’ve been pushing their reactionary ends for a long long time

the night of the long knives didn’t target every day people. it targeted the sa - hilter’s own paramilitary organization - and conservative power makers.

it was to consolidate power in his existing supporters, purge anyone who wasn’t loyal enough, and bind those doing the killing even closer.

you really don’t have to worry about ( edit: being involved in ) that scenario.

also keep in mind it’d be like ice coming to your door. they are the law. once they’re there, you’re already totally screwed.

guns aren’t going to save the day in that future. ( but maybe doing things like blocking the road when ice is trying to deport someone today might. )