Foxconn's corporate welfare deal will cost Wisconsin taxpayers more than 3 billion dollars


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Fuck cronyism.


How much of that is spent on worker anti-suicide technology ?


Trickle down economics is really trickling 1% piss into the faces of US tax payers.


Trickle down economics is really trickling 1% piss into the faces of US tax payers.

Make no mistake, it’s 99% piss and 1% Parfum de Broken Dreams.


State GOP Sens. Duey Stroebel of Cedarburg and Frank Lasee of De Pere said they liked the basic plan because the incentives won’t get paid out if Foxconn doesn’t create jobs.

There’s probably a way to weasel out of that. There usually is.


I get that Wisconsin has lost manufacturing recently, including the closure of the GM plant in Janesville, but come on! $3 billion for a plant which (rather optimistically given current advances in automation) will employ an estimated 3000 people. That’s a million dollars per job! How does that make sense?


Foxconn is promising 3,000 jobs. The tax breaks are $200 million per year. That’s a $67,000 annual cost to taxpayers per job.

I’ll go out on a limb here and guess that direct employment of workers to build infrastructure and clean up the environment would be more cost-effective and very likely have positive rather than negative results for the people of the State. Of course, that would be “waste, fraud, and abuse” wouldn’t it?


It never does. It’s like paying people to bury money in a hole and dig it up again.


Come on, they’ll create jobs – just ones that pay only enough to live in the company dorms, eat in the company cafeteria, and buy other items from the company store.

Then there are non-Foxconn local beneficiaries, like workers in Wisconsin’s toxic waste cleanup and nylon netting industries.


When you import third-world jobs, you import third-world environment and labor rules too.


What would you have us do? Give the money directly to those who actually need money? Just imagine!


Well yes, but if you’re going to try to prop up a sham consumer economy, conservative and libertarian doctrine demands that the policy deliver profits to cronies (see also America’s future UBI).



Their word is their bond.


Wisconsin has a suicide rate of 12 per 100,000 people, making it slightly better than average for a US state. At its peak, the Foxconn employee suicide rate was 1.5 per 100,000. What is your point?


Yeah, I’m mean that’s hardly any sort of standard. Any company’s infrastructure buildout is going to “create jobs”.


Free enterprise! Invisible hand! I’m sure Maw and Paw Foxconn are fine Christians.


I triple dog dare you to show me a libertarian source anywhere on the web that endorses anything like this.

As a small “l” libertarian, I hate this sort of corruption and the sort of palm greasing that obviously preceded it.

Now of course where we disagree is that I’d be happy to see that $3 billion used to cut taxes across the board, rather than for a single crony.


You think there will be workers?