Francis Galton: wrong about eugenics, wrong about cake




Those sitcoms he wrote with Alan Simpson really stand the test of time, though.

And fondant is much better than frosting.


i just cover the cake with a dome if i have one, or otherwise use one piece of plastic wrap or foil over the whole thing. are the English really that horrified by the slightly harder texture of the exposed edge?


You shut your fucking cake hole.


We really are, it’s just not on.


::watches video:: Rob, you’re truly one of us now!

Also, fondant is utterly inedible. Cake is a frosting delivery vehicle.


i have devised an American solution to your problem! simply apply extra frosting to the exposed edges before storing.

or: eat the entire cake at once. and the extra frosting too.


Really, I think all cake should just be covered with marzipan rather than any kind of icing.


Using the words “I think” when referring to covering cake in fondant, shows me that you don’t really think at all.


As a construction material for “cakes as sculpture” rather than “cakes designed for human consumption” maybe. Then again, you could say the same thing about Plasticene.


beschizza, you frighten the bejeezuz out of me sometimes.


Frosting is messy, insubstantial pointlessness. Genuinely, there’s something I really like about marzipan and fondant layered on a fruit cake. When it comes to frosting I’d rather just have plain cake.

I’l take a good Dundee Cake or panforte over boring sponge cake slathered with cream cheese any day of the week. I just don’t see the appeal.


Tsk. This solution is like using scissors in origami… practical perhaps, but not quite the spirit of the thing, what?


fuck spirit eat cake


Just came in here to post:

Fondant sucks!
Fondant is for people who like to look at cakes, me, I like to eat them.

I need some cake.


Pie is the superior pastry, none of this how do I cut it nonsense, just eat the whole thing and be done with it.


This works for cake or pie.


#cameo #brand #synergy


HMMM fondant… (homer simpson drooling noise)


I’m not sure that anybody here who has said ‘fondant’ actually knows what it is. Fondant is what you find poured over petit-fours or in the inside of a soft-centred ‘cream’ chocolate or a Cadbury’s Creme Egg. What I think you all mean is ‘royal icing’, found on the outside of the classic tiered wedding cake - a substance akin to sweet plaster of paris, made from icing sugar and egg white, which hardens to a tooth-breaking consistency. Fondant is soft and made by beating a boiled sugar and glucose solution.