Frank Grillo on moving from Marvel to DC films

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To be fair, he’s got a better future at DC if they give him a good long-term character.

MCU he’d be lucky to get screen time in the MetaMultiMegaverse … probably be played by a turtle or a bowl of Jello.

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The hardest part of the transition is finding your way around the set without tripping over anything.


Camera! Action! Martha!


Well, he doesn’t have Guiding Light anymore. :man_shrugging:

(Okay, I admit that one was a stretch…)

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Grillo was great up until that last Captain America film he was in. They done him dirty in that one. No sooner became a super villain but gets bumped off.

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It’s the MCU/comics, though. It’s not like death is always permanent. Some Kang variant could always go back and pull him out of that timeline right before he died.

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