Frank Turner tries to break the world record for most concerts performed in different cities in 24 hours

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Frank Turner is a gem. Amazing to see live. Wish I lived in UK to see one of these shows.

Frank’s an absolute gent and has a monumental touring ethic. Can’t help notice loads of those aren’t cities, though - surely that’s going to invalidate the record?

Huddersfield, Chesterfield, Leamington Spa, Leighton Buzzard, Aldershot, and Kingston are all lovely places, but not cities

What was the definition again, a cathedral and a Tesco?


Or a garden.

A fair point. This is how the World Bank defines a “city”:

  1. Cities, which have a population of at least 50,000 inhabitants in contiguous dense grid cells (>1,500 inhabitants per km2);
  2. Towns and semi-dense areas, which have a population of at least 5,000 inhabitants in contiguous grid cells with a density of at least 300 inhabitants per km2; and
  3. Rural areas, which consist mostly of low-density grid cells (<300 inhabitants per km2).

I don’t know enough about England to know if all of those places still qualify. It definitely works for the current record holder. I would imagine that Frank at least thought these things through before embarking on this adventure though!

In the UK a city is a city if a king or queen says it is, and the city keeps the paperwork up to date (Rochester didn’t). There are 15 UK cities that don’t qualify as a city under that definition, although I prefer it because it’s less arbitrary.

Carlisle counted as all three until last April, depending on which bit you picked.


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