Freaky vigilantes of the 1880s Ozarks

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Freaky miscreant vigilante portrait is officially on my ‘artwork I desire to own’ list.


How cute! Leatherface when he was younger!

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I wish I’d known about this when I drove through Branson a few years back. Didn’t figure there was anything there I’d be interested in, but freaky old theme park? Heck yes.

This is a really interesting time and place in history. The gritty version is a lot more interesting than the Silver Dollar City version, for sure.

In fact, that’s true of The Ozarks in general, the real history is darker and more interesting than the Branson version. It’s not only hillbilly idiots and racist assholes (though there are those as well.)

People around here have weird interests, so perhaps I’m not the only one with an interest in The Ozarks. I like the stories and photos on this site:

Huh… no onebox?


Check out those artisanal popsicle sticks


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