Free cardboard speakers




$8 shipping? Cheaper to go to Half Price Books or Five Below.


This is a scam. I attempted to buy one product at normal price and take the offered free one as a second product. They attempted to sock me with a $58 shipping fee for a US address.


You get what you pay for.


I don’t know what you guys are talking about. Worked perfect for me. I even bought one for myself and then went back and bought one for each of my brothers.

Thanks for posting and I remember these guys from Shark Tank too.


You have to buy it from the free anniversary link on their product page. Worked for me that way


Yesterday I came across those same exact speakers in a goodwill store. I plugged them into my iphone and could barely hear any sound with the volume maxed out. My take is that they are not efficient enough to be used as intended.


I did. One item was listed as free. That does not explain the $58 shipping fee.


I saw both items listed as free, ordered and paid the $7.75 shipping with no problems. They had other shipping options listed could you have selected one accidentally?


worked ok for me. $7.95 shipping.


Go for the Rock-It that’s the one they had on shark tank and its got the wow factor. Turn anything into a speaker?! Sign me up for that!


$93 shipping to Europe??? they are flat, should be $10 max.


Shame. A free Rock-It would have been nice. Not if it’s cheaper to walk to a shop and buy it though.


Shipping came up $58, but specifying the delivery zipcode produced a chart with $7.75 flat rate UPS shipping, or several far more expensive quicker options.


Yeah once you put in the zip code and state you’ll see the $7.75 shipping option. I’m actually getting more if these as we speak and doing some Christmas shopping early!

Loving the rock-it


Is this the same TIME magazine that wants Jullian Assange murdered by a drone strike? At least that’s what their sr. national correspondent tweeted (then redacted) recently.

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