Free Di Filippo story inspired ancient Italian city of Matera


Is it a sci-fi story that explains how a present day author inspired an ancient city?




Ha! Beat me to it. I think someone missed a short word, maybe “by”…

Space-time is full of wonder.

I.e. Frank herbert inspired the invention of fortified milk.

Don’t know about that - my grandfather had been fortifying his milk with whiskey since the 40’s.


“As Rupert Geier fought valiantly for his life, seeking to stave off his death at the hands of a malign, jealous and brutal creature from legend, who sought to throttle and drown Rupert in the warm seas of the Mesozoic, some two hundred million years before Rupert’s birth, he wondered blindly, not for the first time, if falling in love with Daeira Bruno, the Queen of Sassi, had not been a most dangerous and wayward venture of his heart, however ineluctable and fated their time-tossed romance still appeared, even in the throes of his personal extinction.”

First line reads like a Bulwer-Lytton contest entry.


I was pretty confused until I realized they were missing a preposition.

“Two Hundred Million Years Of Solitude”


Matera was host to a number of unMonastery projects by the Edgeryders organization.

It’s an ancient and lovely, if rather long neglected, city whose Sassi area–a series of cave dwellings–had a rough reputation for a while but now suffers mostly from the flight of younger generations. There seemed to be some expectation that it could be the focus of a high tech transformation akin to the Colletta di Castelbianco cybervillage. I was personally interested in it as a place to demonstrate nomadic furnitecture as a strategy for adaptive reuse, but things just never came together–just too far away from the European P2P scene I guess.

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