Free NASA symposium on futuristic space tech


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About time NASA starts working on giant flying asses.


All the topics on the agenda have a relevant NASA page if you search for the title.

Some of my favourites:

Propellantless Spacecraft Formation-Flying and Maneuvering with Photonic Laser Thrusters

Heliopause Electrostatic Rapid Transit System (HERTS)

Comet Hitchhiker: Harvesting Kinetic Energy from Small Bodies to Enable Fast and Low-Cost Deep Space Exploration

WRANGLER: Capture and De-Spin of Asteroids and Space Debris

Swarm Flyby Gravimetry

SpiderFab: Process for On-Orbit Construction of Kilometer-Scale Apertures


Man this sounds interesting. I wish I could go. Hopefully they’ll have recordings available later viewing.

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