Free pot for 2,000 folks at Oregon's Weed the People event

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Did you read about all the arrests at the event, for fighting or other public disturbances? Neither did I. How uncivilized. :slight_smile:

An alcohol-free event, you say?


Reading this out loud here, one of my sweeties replied “But I’ll bet they had Cheetos!™”


I think not having it for sale commercially is a great way to go, actually. Definitely never, ever want any current major corporation like Philip Morris ever involved. Farm to pipe.


In other news. 'Stampede of drugged up hippies overwhelm criminal drug-organisation. Many casualties, including immobilised victims of chronic pain reported! Local business report losses in libation sales as market-distorting tendencies sap monetary value from traders in traditional commodities!! Psychologically terrorised victims report brain damaging effects such as memory loss and inability to control consumptive mania!!!

More on this story on FOX at 11."


On the night weed became legal, there was an outdoor rally / celebration which had a similar give-away.

Not that outdoor, public use is not allowed in Oregon. Some kind of special arrangement must have been made for the “chill out area.”

FWIW, the Oregon legislature is pushing through a bill which will allow sales of weed on October 1. Regulations of processed products, like oils and candy and baked* goods, aren’t ready yet and sales of those won’t begin until next year.

Me? Having grown up with substance abusing parents, I’m kind of leery of partaking.

  • Heh heh heh, yeah, baked.

I get more wasted from drinking a whole pot of coffee than I do from smoking my own body-weight in cannabis. :wink:

Like the saying goes, ‘It’s not for everybody,’ though. Unless you can get that high cbd stuff like Charlotte’s Web, virtually no psychoactive effect and fairly solves all those aches and pains what come with a body.

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I’d totally consider pot treatment for dealing with chemo symptoms, if it came to that.


Agf! Gateway empathy! Once you’re empathetic to the pain of cancer patients, it’s a slippery slope until you care for all people in pain… and then where will you be!?



and then where will you be!?

No longer qualified to hold public office according to corporate donors’ criteria…


“I just want to affirm that I hate most people but still love their money!”

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I’m in a similar situation, although really one one of my parents was an alcoholic. (I never minded being around him when he was high, but the alcoholism lead to me not speaking to him for over a decade.) I’ve never even tried pot and it’s been over 12 years since I had any alcohol at all. I am also leery of partaking, but still I’m far more OK with stoners than with drunks and don’t see why one is legal and the other is not.

(It’s not the illegality that keeps me away, I’m just not interested in having any.)

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And to those of most republican voters.

I encountered a weird tech the other day. Extraction, separation, and custom reconstitution of the THCs and CBD, from a C02 extraction - delivered in an e-joint. Fascinating, and should help a lot of people with the pain end of things (and let a lot of other people enjoy all the THCs they can handle).


I thought their sole criteria was a lack of empathy, so this fits.

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The CO2 extraction is not so esoteric. We can encounter liquid CO2 in every such fire extinguisher, and if the ambient temperature goes above 31 'C it goes supercritical inside. Ben Krasnow, the one interviewed here earlier and left pretty much without comments apparently because there was nothing in his work to which the hordes could descend with their righteous wrath and collective condemnation, has some liquid and supercrit CO2 work on his youtube channel.

The temperatures and pressures encountered are quite achievable even in a garage setting.

That’s where they get you. No charge for the weed, 2000% price markup for the snacks.


“…tickets to enter were $40.”

Does that dollar amount seem cosmically appropriate to anyone else? Especially since it gets you a “free” sample.

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Should’ve been $4.20.


Illegal to sell? Buy this nifty glass jar for $50 and get 1/8 oz of marijuana free!

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