Free snake with used car


Holy hell, it wasn’t Florida?

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You should see the shit I’ve found inside of old Volkswagens. This is nothing.

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Stop teasing us and please share some details.

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Is a good-sized python not worth more than three hundred bucks itself? Bargain.

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Aren’t you a little…short…for a boa constrictor?

Have him tell you about the time that he found a Hitler.


I’m imagining… The Clownish Inquisition!

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In fairness, lots of cars used to include a Hitler as a standard feature.


Ghost Adolf Hitler is a jerk – just try getting him to pony up for gas money. And he always spills his coffee on the upholstery, then tries to claim it was because Goldberg jostled him again.


Aren’t snakes supposed to be the car salesmen?

Thought. A low-budget thriller, with a car wired with a bomb that goes off when the car slows down, and a snake on board. Boom-hisss!

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