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Tongue, an oral history of the strongest muscle in the body

Congress “apologizes”

The worst CNN anchor in the history of humankind

Edit: Sorry, Wolf.

Gene Simmons, disgusted at taste of human, kicks it in the face

I assume that he fauxpologized afterwards…


Copyright extortion startup wants to use water cannons

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Weds 8/20
Free snake with “Hideous Lantern Jaw”

I like this new “with illustration” trend…

We’re going to have to get back on track with the “game” part of this. Anyone have any more thoughts on that?

I’m a picture person, so when given the option to include a silly picture, I do so. :smile:

How about people post their headlines with the day above, like this:

Wed 8/20
Free snake with “Hideous Lantern Jaw”

You only get to post one “entry” per day. Non-entry post like this:

Wed 8/20: no votes!
Free snake with “Hideous Lantern Jaw”

Vote close 9AM EST as discussed before. Then you, or anyone, has time to post a winner. Those winners can be posted in one thread (called “Huffing BB Winner List”) using date lines, like this:

Tues 8/19:
Wed 8/20: @waetherman
Thurs 8/21:

Does that make it easier?

That would make things a little easier. I still like the idea of polls/voting if we can find a way to embed that. I’m going to do some research… it’s better than working!

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Canadian Government Orders Scientists Not to Disclose it is OK to Pee in the Ocean


I agree - I think this way, for now, it’ll keep things to two threads - which I don’t see how to do with polls. They require a head. Also, as long as it’s a running thread with only that content, anyone can post the winner if they check and see it isn’t done yet. That’ll keep it out of strictly your hands.

Want to give it a try?

Crowdfunding a print edition of Cats and watermelons magazine


The only problem I see with doing the voting with “likes” is we inevitably get people who aren’t playing running down the thread and liking entries with no regard for how many likes they’ve given on a specific day’s entries or whether or not voting is closed.

The problem with polling as we tried it was the person who opened the poll was the only one who could close it.

There doesn’t seem to be an ideal way to do voting within the constructs provided by “Discourse”.


Comcast on what it’s like to be hard-sell-shamed by the entire world


Leaked Comcast employee manual reveals “I will fucking kill you!”

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I don’t know of any way to prevent people from multiple likes or just dropping in to like something. The best we can do is tell them blatantly that’s not how the game works.

Hey @waetherman - what about changing the thread title to include basic instructions against over-voting? Something like “Huffing BB: Vote only if you post. One each per day.” Then you can change the main thread description to reflect updated rules below that. Any help in that suggestion?

That’s not the only problem. Polling really doesn’t seem to work as Discourse has it set up because you can’t use it in an existing thread. Each poll is a new thread - so it redirects the game to multiple threads (and this isn’t a scavenger game) while forcing responsibility on people. Neither of those is good.

The reason I suggested one separate (but similarly named) thread for all winner posts using “likes” is so it’d get recorded by whoever went looking for it around the time it was supposed to be voting closed (currently set to 9AM EST). The faster the recording gets done, the better chance we won’t have extra “likes” just dropped on.

I think, at the least, it makes sense for people to date their posts that are entries. It allows us to match up posts to a winner list.

I thought linking to the poll from the main thread was a decent workaround to the inline polling issue as it kept a reference in the main thread.

Aside from the responsibility of opening and closing the polls, which I referred to already, I’m not sure what other responsibility is being “forced” on anyone. Clicking on a link? You don’t happen to do UI design for a living do you? :slight_smile: In any case, polling as is doesn’t seem to work. I’ll let you all figure out the rules and just keep playing.

I was just agreeing with that (in four words). You really didn’t need a paragraph.

Apologies. I read:

That’s not the only problem

as an indication that the words following were to be an enumeration of other problems. I didn’t expect there to be an agreement imbedded in the middle of a sentence.

Is that appropriately concise and terse?

edit to remove some snark.

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Imagine, if you will,

a community of socialist-minded,

liberty-lovin’, anarchists,

en-locked in a feud

over the rules

designed to determine

who is the cleverest among them.

On a daily basis.