Freenode IRC staff quit after new owner seizes control

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Man, my one and only IRC channel is hosted on Freenode and we’re in the middle of a bit of a panic right now. Signs seem to be pointing to switching over to OFTC but we’re sure to lose participants just from the migration alone.


Man, I haven’t used IRC in a long time. If you saw a Mister44 on Undernet, EFnet, DALnet, it may have been me!

#paintball #vampire forever!


If I understand this, some God King visionary seized control of the core of a distributed network through shady means, without any real means of forcing compliance on the rest of the network.

I wonder what his Plan B will be as the Internet routes around the damage? Probably a tantrum of legal threat wack-a-mole. (Unlike Scientology, I doubt he has the means to force Sweden to change their constitution.)



I think I’ve met another instance of this class of guy.


I used to be on IRC a lot for tech stuff. Haven’t been on in about a year and I have no insight into any of this drama.

However the link that purports to tell the owner’s side has a comment from a-raccoon
that is typical vile anti-sjw bullshit. I realize the commenter isn’t the owner and the owner may not share those sentiments, but it certainly doesn’t inspire any sympathy.


Another Andrew Lee project:

Burn gas to solve Sudokus that tell you the IP address of the site you want. Seems legit.

Oh my!


Today, I’d like to introduce a few new projects that we are soon launching alongside notable IRC communities: (A professional, friendly network for huge communities)
IRC University - Free Education for the World (Seeking top expert Ph. D professors to teach - email us!)
IRC Gaming (We’re going to have literally hundreds of thousands in cash prizes!)
IRC Ventures (VC/Incubation on IRC!)
IRC Foundation (Donating and supporting existing great IRC projects!)
Providing IRC bouncer (always on connectivity) support to all IRC networks and keeping it open!

among other things, he’s completely solved the high cost of higher ed. what’s not to love? ( and who knew all it took was irc! amazing! )


I’m not sure what IRC Gaming will be. Play Chess and Battleship?

Why use IRC as the protocol and not use Python platforms with websockets for multiplayer games?

im sure they don’t either.

the main feature that irc offers i think is user driven chat channels using distributed servers – that maps to gaming about as well as it ( or discord ) already does. if you build something like twitch on top of it, its not irc anymore. it’s just twitch using some irc like thing as chat.

it’s either about bilking investors for money, trying to insert ads and user data harvesting into freenode, or some combination of the two.

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Just to be clear, South Korea does not give any official recognition to the royal family, and there is no real way to verify claims of lineage. The Lee (Yi) royal family fled overseas after the Japanese annexed Korea, and after independence from Japan in 1945 most “Imperial” properties subsumed into (both) Republic(s).

Even during Japanese rule the fight for independence most did not fight for a return to rule by the Yi Dynasty, who as a whole was seen as at least partly responsible for the eventual loss of sovereignty at worst and lost legitimacy of rule at best.

Many have also chosen not to return after independence, only to return to try to sue for “their” lands, and claims of being “named Crown Prince” is viewed with derision and with a wary eye, and is merely one of many competing claims.

No one in the Republic of Korea (and certainly not the Democratic People’s Republic) is willing to extend this sort of recognition. The “Crown Prince” is American by nationality. There is no political movement to bring honor to the royal family.


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