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This is a really dumb question. Caring about what other people think is actually extremely important to fundamental aspects to humanity like empathy, so to simply dismiss the thoughts of other people as “immaterial” makes no sense whatsoever.

And considering the rhetoric we are talking about, it’s history, and its continued prevalence is pretty damn important.


As to your questions, I agree that the first two are pertinent here. But why do you think I care what others read? Have you seen me advocate for censorship here? I don’t think I have.

Does the question about publication change with a near monopoly on who controls the airwaves, distribution channels, etc., though? Especially when in the case of the us, there is practically speaking, very little public airwaves that are not taken up by private, for profit corporations. CPB funded TV and Radio is an except, but it has all sorts of government pressure put on it to “moderate” it’s tone, because some people view it as too liberal.

I’m aware that the Turner Diaries has a publisher. Do you really expect it to turn up in Barnes and Noble? However, it does appear to be available on Amazon. Both it and the Anarchists cookbook are easily found online, of course. I never said other wise.

If you’ll note, I’m not convinced, because I don’t like banning books, nor do I think that it helps in our current environment. But looking at the evidence, we have gotten right wing movements in places that regularly ban books and those that do not. Neither seems to be a helpful strategy, IMO. My point was that we have historically made distinctions in what is protected speech and what is NOT protected speech. Plenty of ideas that we consider perfectly acceptable for public speech have been for all intents and purposes banned. And ignoring that we have much of our public space for public speech in the hands of for profit, private corporations isn’t going to help us understand what’s happening and what will be helpful in not having white supremacy become the law of the land publicly once again.

Also, I really wish you’d stop being so condescending here. You’re willfully refusing to engage in a conversation as opposed to just dismissing the rest of us because you disagree.


I care that my students read their assignments! Other wise, why should I care if someone reads the Turner Diaries or Mein Kampf? I don’t think I called for their banning, but clearly, whatever I say is not going to be actually listened to here.


The translations really do tend to be a crime against language. Read in the original with the owner/operator manual.


@ChuckV @Gyrofrog watching either of those two movies in the present day is an extremely different experience than in their respective times. We can have the circumstances explained to us but can’t recapture the original experience. That plus we’ve now got so many people telling us about them that its hard to get even close to a clear viewing of either without pre-bias.


Sure does! It makes it much, much harder for the average joe six-pack to identify who the Nazis are.

Sort of like the anti-paedophile-speech laws. Only the FBI can tell who the pedos are, which kind of gives them the ability to string anyone up as a pedo…


Incidentally, books such as Mein Kampf are available in Australia and most other places with hate-speech laws.

If you published a new book of similar theme, or broadcast your opinion that the original was a good and sensible thing, then you might get in some minor, mostly symbolic legal trouble. Just owning or selling the book as a historically significant piece of literature draws no legal attention at all.

The penalties attached to anti-vilification laws are generally designed to be weak on purpose. It’s a precaution against possible future misuse of such laws.


wouldn’t you imagine that griffith’s “intolerance” would be a better movie to demonstrate cutting edge work from the era without the heavy social and emotional freight “birth of a nation” has had since its brith?


I argued the exact same with one of my film professors. Intolerance contains all of the advances (and more) of Birth of a Nation and none of the baggage, but Birth gets all the press, so that’s the one she showed clips of in class.


Thanks for the info on Australia. It’s good to know how things are working in different places.




The worst part of all of this is that many people just take serial liars at the words; be it Trump, Gab, Spencer, etc. These are people well known for their voracious and continuous lying that is well documented and irrefutable - but many just accept that they tell the truth up front. It’s not like these figures have clean records when the massive stories come to their defense, it always assumes innocence first and foremost on careers based on misleading manipulation and falsehoods.




I had this at home and figured I’d scan and upload it one night, now a whole month went by, sheesh…

(Hoping that it’s OK that I do this)


Try as I might I couldn’t read the text there.


Maybe try downloading it? (I’m not sure if the upload was reduced once it hit the BBS, though)


Since I’m sure all the free speech advocates would want to know when stuff’s going down.

And to forestall the expected disingenuous argument that “I thought you private groups didn’t count”, do keep in mind that not everybody is too stupid to recognize Trump’s involvement here.


The fact is that Trump is getting around the legalities of speech by leaning on them via social media which has induced this action. BTW, the NFL Commissioner is actually trying to have it both ways by inducing all players to stand and to fund social activism per the players choosing apparently. I think the comissioner wants to make Trump look like a tool by giving him partly what he wants but making the point moot when the players can fund activism that effectively nullifies his assertions. Because how’s Prez Cheeto going to say NFL players and the NFL as a private organization can’t fund BLM related NGOs and other efforts? It’ll be funny day to see if this maneuver sticks. I doubt it will since why would the NFL team owners put money on the table for actual efforts when kneeling gives them all the PR they want and then some with only making Prez Cheeto scream like a baby.