Freezing your body to be revived in the future was much harder during the pandemic

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It was a simple misunderstanding, really the contract says their head will be revived in the futurama

not a phrase I was expecting to read today


The good news is, the folks who were able to be frozen quickly have all seen the same results as the folks prior.


I plan on being cremated. I figure my outcome will be the same as those who get frozen.


Alcor is also the home of Ted Williams’ head, after a protracted legal struggle with his kids.

Lots of claims of abuse at Alcor over the past decade.

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Except your remains will take up far less space and use less energy.



Kind of like the book scanning in Rainbow’s End!

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Their confidence in future technology working the way they think is about matched by their confidence that far future humans will want to thaw and revive thousands of 20th/21st century humans with defective bodies.


Yeah, this requires not only believing you should be around in future centuries but also the complete delusion that the people of future centuries will be willing to invest serious resources to make it happen.
(and of course it also requires having little to no understanding of how the body/brain works)


Two words: freezer burn.

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Two other words: brain freeze


Are the people doing this now hoping to be revived or are they hoping for some sort of Fall or Upload style post-singularity computer simulation thing?

If tech will be so advanced as to restore the bodies, why bother saving broken, traumatic memories? Just sequence the DNA, store it in the cloud and build the folks from scratch. We now have mRNA vaccines that work and save lives, so… we’re on track for that being feasible in a few decades, maybe?

You liked my idea and want to make it happen in the Valley? You’re welcome, but don’t credit me, i insist.

It’s the modern-day version of Egyptian nobility spending an obscene proportion of their nation’s resources making sure their bodies were well preserved and provided for in the hope that the gods would see fit to revive them after death.


Think big!

I’m aiming for having my brain scooped out with a hook, having my (important) guts preserved in some animal headed alabaster jars, then having my body dried out with natron and gooped with bitumen, then wrapped in all sorts of linen bandages (with protective talismans of course!).

Only way to live forever you know!


What if some of the fee is invested, and the only way to get the money is to revive the body. 1k$ @ 6% over 500 years is a lot of money.

I read a book on this subject: “Great Mambo Chicken and the Trans-Human Condition” or similar. First chapter opens with a description of the “rapid response” team cutting the head off a seconds-dead woman who paid for the “brain only” package. As soon as the death certificate is signed, off comes the head.

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Uh, y’all, if we could revive someone from 300 years ago, you bet your ass there’s a ton of scientific fields that would be beating down the door to fund that activity. Historians, sociologists, even biologists would all be incredibly interested in the experience of someone from a time frame that far back. I absolutely believe you’d be able to get funding for it.