French Discworld covers by artist Marc Simonetti are simply stunning!

These covers for the French editions of Terry Pratcett’s Discworld novels are spectacular.  Take a look at the full gallery on the artist’s website.  I think these work equally well for selling the book both to new readers (Gorgeous! Eye-catching!) and to readers looking for an old favorite (Full of lots of details from each book.)

Guards! Guards!

Moving Pictures

Soul Music

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These are excellent. As much as I hate to dump on the Kirby/Kidby art, they never matched my idea of Discworld. Too childish and busy.

I really want a full-sized movie poster for Blown Away.

Similarly, I much prefer the German covers to the Harry Potter books:

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Good find! Luggage having toddlers’ legs is kinda creepy… Also, the backgrounds somehow look too sketchy; you’d probably have to see the actual covers to see if it really works.

Both artists? I was never a fan of the Josh Kirby covers either, for precisely the same reasons, but I do appreciate Paul Kidby’s work. I think it strikes a nice balance between portraiture and illustration with some sly nods towards art history as well.

I think the sketchy backgrounds you are noticing are bits of the illustration that are going to be partially obscured by text anyway.

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