French Elevator Channel features a wide variety of elevators


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If you’d are intrigued (as I am) by the idea that there are elevator nerds, you must read Colson Whitehead’s wonderful “The Intuitionist” (Yep, the Colson Whitehead who wrote the even-more-wonderful “Underground Railroad”) about a world of elevator nerds.


Re: Worst Elevator Ever

There’s not a lot of difference on the western side of the Black Sea, either. Some of the elevators I’ve seen in Moldova gave me much incentive to take the stairs.


I’ve always thought this was the worst elevator ever.


Paternoster fans go home

Edit: damn, beaten to a paternoster reference


Just wait until you guys start watching hand dryer videos


So, the Schindler Smart 002 MRL elevator - in the UK would that be “Schindler’s Lift?”

I’ll show myself out.


I’ve always had wanted to ride one of those again – my first and only was in a hotel, in Western Europe somewhere (I don’t remember where), as a little kid many, many decades ago. The huge wheels were made of wood.


You are a very bad man!

(I like you!)



some commercial banks in london have mezzanine floors were you board an elevator to that floor but other lifts don’t stop there


I don’t know.

Lifts are actually more interesting than you would think.

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Gunter Grass practically made a Paternoster in an East German office building a character in his novel Ein weites Feld (Too Far Afield in English translation).


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